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The smiley face killer mystery


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Has anyone ever heard of this before? Around the country and especially around the upper Midwest, dozens of bright college-age males have been found drowned in rivers, lakes, and ponds after a night of drinking. The "smiley face killer" theory was proposed by a couple retired NYPD cops because a dozen or so of the crime scenes had smiley faces carved into objects nearby. They are found after they have left a bar or party alone. I believe one person survived and told the police someone had pushed them over the edge into a river. The retired cops have pieced together clues and believe it may even be a ring of serial killers around the country.

The reason I bring this up is because a second student has gone missing at Iowa State. It was a couple weeks ago and he left a party drunk at 9:30 to walk back to his dorm (same building I used to live in) and nobody had seen him for a week. After days unable to contact his son, the student's dad called the police and there has been a widespread manhunt both in and around campus. The only clues they have so far are that all access card & debit card activity stopped after 11 PM or so. He was a graphic design student, very bright, and it sounds like a really nice guy that everybody got along with.

Back in 2006, another Iowa State student disappeared after a night of drinking and was last seen by a jogger at 5:30 AM. His body was discovered submerged in a small pond on campus, back in a remote corner from the main sidewalk. The area where he was found was only 3 feet deep or so. One of his bank cards was discovered on the sidewalk blocks away toward the direction where he lived, yet where he was found was completely out of the way from where witnesses had last seen him. The police ruled it an accidental drowning, but there are just too many oddities and things that didn't seem right for an accidental drowning case.


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I think I posted a thread about this sometime last year and yeah it freaks me the heck out. I don't fit the MO though because I don't touch alcohol at all. Apparently there was even a killing in Edmonton here in Canada and a couple in Ontario.

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