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2010 Ford Edge SEL

Drew Dowdell

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Interactive Review:

2010 Ford Edge SEL


Well it's the last model year before the new Ford Edge, but since I got one for a 4 day rental with just 1,000 miles on the odometer, I thought this would still be a good candidate for an interactive review. So you have till Monday morning to get your questions in.

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i had an Edge rental once. Nice, but felt really heavy. Can you comment on that and the gas mileage?

The accomodations are good. Big wide seats, comfy. Sits up a bit high, interested in knowing if you like that.

Also, comment on whether the cargo area is big enough.

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My first impression off the bat is that this is a heavy vehicle. It feels as heavy as the Lambdas, but being shorter you can also feel that it is slightly more nimble. The engine, though it feels powerful enough, also feels like it's working hard. MPG today, about a 50/50 mix of city/highway is 18.6.

Second impression came when I looked at the window sticker (which I will scan in later) $31k for this vehicle and no leather, no nav, no automatic HVAC, no sunroof.

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:confused0071: :confused0071: no sunroof, NO SUNROOF :cry: :cry:

really i don't see the appeal of a sunroof, a car is surrounded by glass, and most of it will roll down.

but yes 31k is a lot for a pretty mush base model.

then again a "pretty much base" avalanche is mid 50K

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then again a "pretty much base" avalanche is mid 50K

Even then, the Avalanche is a much bigger vehicle with arguably more capability.

When I was perusing the Edge at the auto show a couple months ago, I was also blown away by the price of a loaded model. But I see quite a few around, so it must be worth the cash.

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depends on the packaging. ford has the huge panel roof.

what i am under the impression for 2011 that part of the Edge redo involves cutting some weight out of the vehicle. In addition, the 4 cyl ecoboost engine is available and should lighten it up too. so if you had a fwd 2011 ecoboost edge it would probably feel a lot lighter.

it didn't seem as though the steering was bad on the one I drove, just that the whole thing didn't feel nimble. Like if they quickened the steering and tightened the suspension, and shed 400 pounds, it might actually seem like a decent handler.

generally these days you are getting about 5-6k immediately off the sticker on an Edge....so what's more ridiculous, a Malibu LTZ with a 31k sticker or an Edge? You need to tell us if the vehicle is AWD.

18.6 mpg....that is why i bought a Taurus X originally vs the Edge. I figured acceleration, mileage etc. would be the same....the Edge lacks a third row...

really your Lambda thoughts are entirely valid because essentially the Lambda is an Edge with a big third row and a lot more space....although the Lambda prices keep going nuts. But if you want a heavy fuel sucker, why not just get the third row? (see CX-9).

That's why I think Ford will be refocusing the Edge to sell more fwd and more 4 cyl....the Escape is getting long in the tooth and the explorer is coming in soon. The way I see it, Ford won't be able to move the same volume they used to on the Edge, regardless of the new updates unless they move the ones they ship to the lot down in price and get the ones out there with more mpg. then they CAN move the MKX up and sell more loaded AWD v6 MKX.

Oddly enough I have read user reviews on the Edge where some people get really good highway mpg with them.

What is an even bigger tragedy though is the last Saturn Vue despite being smaller than the Edge got worse gas mileage and I assume the Equinox probably doesn't net much better real world than the Edge either.

Real truth is the Edge is not at all far off from being THE perfect road trip vehicle for a couple, a single, or even a couple and a kid. Two kids can be done in the Edge but then I think you are taxing the cargo space. The Edge is a nice wide vehicle, you can do 5 easy in the Edge.

Don't go sit in a Tucson after an Edge though, the Tucson damn near has the same amount of seating room! And its about what 800 pounds lighter in the process?

The center console, do you think its too big / invasive and too high? But you can put a laptop in there.......

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