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GM Kills The SRX Plug-In Hybrid.. For Now...

William Maley

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GM Kills The SRX Plug-In Hybrid.. For Now...

William Maley - Editor/Reporter - CheersandGears.com

June 1, 2011


For the past few months, the rumors of a SRX Plug-In Hybrid have been making the rounds. Using technology from the Chevrolet Volt, the SRX Plug-In Hybrid was expected to go on sale within a couple of years. Now, Reuters is reporting the SRX Plug-In Hybrid has been put out to pasture.

Sources at GM said by the time the SRX PHEV was ready for production, the Theta platform would be at the end of it's life cycle, adding to the cost of the vehicle. This is the third time GM has canned some sort of PHEV project over the past few years.

Reuters suggests in their story, though, that GM isn't walking away from the project. GM spokesman Kevin Kelly said,

"I'm not going to comment on specific products or timing for applications, but we still see promise in the technology."

So the plug-in tech GM has been working on will appear on future models; maybe even the next generation SRX?

Source: Reuters

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Cadillac could USE a hybrid to counter the Lexus RX400h, especially in the SRX. Some people actually buy those for luxury AND green cred. I do hope that GM has something better in store since Caddy could use the boost in sales and profits.

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Further proof GM knows these things are going to remain a small part of the market... a small, money-losing part of the market. If hybrids had been so hot, they'd have pulled out all the stops to get one out there.

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I expect Toyota as well as everyone else to see a slow down by people willing to buy plug in type cars. Hybrids will fill the nich need till technology gets farther ahead to make it a mass market reality or something even better comes along.

Personally, we all should have CNG Home Fueling stations and just go CNG for now. This would put a pinch in the Arab pockets.

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