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from new egg on preblackfriday deals... $170. and picked up some 2133mhz 8gb ram from gskill for $60... clocked at 1600mhz @ 9 timings. might try to see if @8 is stable after awhile

any recent upgrades you guys made?

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My next upgrade will probably be an AMD Zen. my first AMD was a Barton/Thoroughbred Core(130nm) to Phenom2(45nm) and Zen is to be 14 or 16nm. it's roughly a 2.9 factor of each upgrade.

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My Gaming PC is still running an Intel Q6700 on generic Asus board. I know what the urge to upgrade is all about. I tend to buy good upper middle end parts and refuse to OC for longevity. Hence why I am still playing Dragon Age Inquisition on that old bastard.


It is always painful how quickly whatever you get is eclipsed just a few years later. (or months)


What are you thinking for a video card?

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i have a HD7850...

getting an RX 470 or the like is quite tempting after they come out.. even a RX 460 could basically be a side grade and lower my kW/h.

but i don't have W10 on this one.

i have a kaveri box (A8-7600) that i use as a HTPC with linux.i have no cares about virus and such on it... seemed it had ransom ware on it one time, reset the pc, and it hasn't shown up again. but if it does, i';ll just wipe it and fresh install linux again.

could put a RX 460 in that thing so if i ever get a 4K or a HDR TV it'd be able to look soooooo pretty!


anyone else profit from the recent AMD stock upswing? if i had waited till nowish, i could have gained another ~$500

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Loving my Work laptop Lenovo W520 with 32gb of ram and 500GB SSD primary, 1TB spinning secondary. Machine just rocks with the dual video cards. Running 4 nice monitors when plugged into the docking station.

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dfelt. know what 2 gpu's you use?

Yes, I have the onboard Intel HD Graphics 4000 and the add-on NVidia Quadro K1000M. I love this dual video card setup and the ability to drive multiple monitors.


Here is what my setup looks like. I have a 24", 27", 30" and my laptop open to use the built in screen.


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