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'02 Trans Am Firehawk


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Had a dark blue '02 Firebird Trans Am Firehawk come in to the shop this week, wrecked down the side.  Needs a fender repair, door and quarter replaced.  Kid ordered the car new from the factory and was sick about the damage.  I went in to write the estimate, and a lot of the parts are discontinued from GM!  I had to call around to locate USED PARTS!  My question to you is... why can't the world's largest auto manufacturer (for 70 years at least) come up with a way to make parts for their cars forever?  THIS IS SO STUPID!!!

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I restored my Ninety Eight and Toronado and I located factory parts from those sites above. I located the hard to find stuff.  I do understand your frustration.  I agree with you. GM could make money if they made parts for their cars long after they are out of production or license the stuff out to aftermarket suppliers.  There are other sites, but this is a start.

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Costs. That's why they don't continue to make parts for everything they've ever made. For the 5 firebirds that get wrecked and the 2 that aren't totaled a year it just doesn't make sence to continue to make parts for how rare of a situation that comes up. Now that car isn't that old so I'm surprised there wasn't more available but I can't really blame them for discontinuing parts for cars 13 years old.

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Supply and demand. Someone will make it if there is enough demand. If not there is Hemmings and E bay.

You would be surprised at the things I have found on the web. Even many prototype parts like factory electric power steering for a Fiero and other prototype parts. Note I have found more than one PS unit. Pricy but for sale.

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Like a Fiero the Saturn panels look good but often under the skin is can be a nightmare. I have seen people buy nice looking Fiero's and then find under the body most of the metal is gone.

So many today have no metal holding up the rear section. From the rear wheels back the body panel is all that is holding up the trunk and bumper. If hit that would get ugly. The space frames in some areas can really rot away.

Before buying a Fiero up north take down the carpet in the trunk on the sides. If it has a hole walk away.

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