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Dream car garage, Snap on Truck edition.....

A Horse With No Name

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So, we have been having some good discussions here, some a little bit heated, some that bring a lot of light to the subject. to lighten thing sup a bit we bring you Dream car garage, Snap On truck edition.

My old boss from several years ago used to love to scuba dive. He found an entirely intact Snap on truck full of tools off of a bridge on a fairly deep river that was a tributary to lake Michigan.  Cold water kept the tools in decent shape, he was able to actually turn several of them back in to Snap On for exchange.

Guy from Snap On was like "wow, this is some unique stuff, tools we have not sold since the 1950's."

This is your chance to let the little kid in you out and break things for no good reason.

Assume that a car carrier with 5 new cars is going to go off the same bridge. For the sake of discussion, we will assume the truck driver managed to swim free and that fluids have been somehow drained from the vehicles in question so we are not polluting the water as much.

You may pick up to 5 cars, but they need to be from 5 different automotive manufacturing groups.  You cannot "RAM" a Fiat 500 into the river bed. nor can you afFORD to sink both a Mustang and an F-150.

Mazda, Subaru and Toyota often work together but we will consider them separate.  So if your yen is to sink some cars bought with yen....have at it.

Assuming you are tasked with sinking 5 MY 2016-2017 cars, what do you sink and why?

We will also include a stack of the really crappy lumber that even Lowes or Home depot would throw out, so if the fish want to build an actual dream car garage for your less than ideal dream cars....

My list-

#1. Dodge Journey-my neighbor to the right of me was a very loyal buy American kind of guy....until he owned a Journey that was completely a PITA.  He now drives Asian cars and swears he won't be back to domestics.

#2. Nissan Maxima-i am really tired of sedans that advertise as sports sedans that ahve nothing sporty about them.

#3. Kia Soul-Despite some members here who really like them, I find this perhaps the least interesting and most appliance like new car on sale today.

#4. Mitsubishi Mirage, just because.....it is an utter crap box.

#5. Smart car....there is nothing redeeming about this vehicle at all!


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1) Chevy Equinox- That Chevrolet has found as many poor souls to buy one of these is angering at worst, confusing at best. This is a vehicle than in 2016, even in loaded Premier guise lacks the following- Smart Key/Push-to-start, rear seat air vents, ventilated seats, even flipping DUAL ZONE A/C. This thing is way, waaaayy past it's sale-by-date. It's ugly, drives terrible, and offers the all-around worst package in it's class. Sink them all to the bottom of the ocean.

2) Nissan Versa Sedan- Quite possibly the worst new car on sale today. Maybe the ugliest, too.

3) Subaru Outback- Ugh. I detest these. And their owners 98% of the time. They're ugly, they drive like $h!, and I JUST DON'T GET THE HYPE. They're not as reliable as they're made out to be, they're expensive, unrefined, and slow. And don't give me no bull$h! about your outdoor lifestyle, because it ain't no damn cool SUV either!

4) All 8-sp Auto Corvettes- All of them. They ruin the driving experience, and if I have to listen to one more damn GM fanboy's "ZOMFG the 8AT is SO fast and would have been faster, and shifts faster than PDK, and can make your car time travel yo!!" I'm going to burn down a Chevy dealership. And don't even get me started on the Baby Boomers who buy them. Yeah dude, you've got a White 2LT Coupe non-Z51 like every other retired-with-decent-funds 55-65 year old white male in the country. Calm down. 

5) BMW 3 GT- The dulling and watering down of BMW incarnate.

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...an Outback is what replaced that Dodge journey in my neighbors driveway.  Yes to Outback owners being smug, although my neighbor is a fantastic guy.

Just now, ykX said:

@Frisky Dingo  You are so wrong about the Outback! :)

If I were going to sink a Subaru, it would be a Crosstek-under powered and not that interesting of a vehicle.

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Alright I want to clarify these sinking cars... Are they cars that we're saving? Cars that I'd like to see around in 50 years? Cars that I hate and want underwater? I'm kind of confused on that part..? I originally thought it was cars that I'd like to save but Frisky's post seemed more like 5 cars I want to get rid of forever.

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1 hour ago, ykX said:

@Frisky Dingo  You are so wrong about the Outback! :)


I knew you were going to pipe in about that. :neenerneener:



1 hour ago, A Horse With No Name said:

...an Outback is what replaced that Dodge journey in my neighbors driveway.  Yes to Outback owners being smug, although my neighbor is a fantastic guy.

If I were going to sink a Subaru, it would be a Crosstek-under powered and not that interesting of a vehicle.

I like the Crosstrek. Shame they won't put the WRX drivetrain in it. I'd buy one yesterday.

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1.  Toyota Corolla.  Yes, they sell great, but I see very little redeeming value.  They are slow, tinny, and completely devoid of any personality. 

2.  Dodge Dart.  This could have been great, but it rushed to market so Fiat could get some more of the Chrysler pie.  The proposed mid cycle refresh with AWD, turbos, and SRTs coule have really made the Dart something special, but instead they killed it.  WTF?

3.  Mitsubishi Lancer:  Now that the EVO has been sent to greener pastures the only halfway interesting thing about this car is that it offers AWD, but it so miserably outdated at this point, that isn't enough to make it redeemable. 

4. Toyota Tundra:  By today's standard it is ancient.  The few updates they have done has done little to help it and it's sales are a mere spec compared to the big 3's sales.  Drown it.

5.  Toyota Sequoia:  See tundra, only worse. 

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An entirely relevant list.  And from a Toyota owner no less!

Newer Corolla is a decent choice for people who absolutely do not care about cars. Dart had serious issues from the get go.

Lancer needed to be retired a long time ago!

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17 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

After 50 years submerged in water, you could pull the 3 Toyotas out and they'd start and drive. :P :lol:

As a lover of both maritime history and vintage automobiles I am fascinated with old car ferries that did actually sink in lake Michigan.  Several of them are very deep an have surprisingly intact cars from the 20's and 30's still on board.

Since these are vehicles that now survive in minuscule numbers, one might be looking at the finest Hupmobile, Moon, or Downing Detroit left in existence.

There is a funny very old Woody Allen movie where he finds a VW bug and gets it re started, movie came out in the 1970's and was set way in the future.


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