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Dream Car Garage: Veterans Day Edition, Part 3


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#1. B 26 Martin Marauder, factory hot rod to end all factory hot rods of WW II planes.


#2. Caproni CA 60, just because it is so bizarre.  Would love to actually re create the damned thing and make it fly, just because....

#3. A26.  Especially this one, it is owned by my old College friend Tim Savage.



He wasn't wearing his fire suit and had his son on board when this happened, plane is being repaired/Rebuilt....

#4. P-51 Mustang, the other Mustang I love

#5. P47 Thunderbolt.


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Another list for commercial passenger air craft.

#1. Airbus A350-I think it is neat that there is competition in the commercial Jetliner amrket, and Airbus is really bringing it with this one.

Tied for #1-Boeing 777-Even people who hate the USA buy this for their airlines, it is a dominant airliner in its class and very, very safe.


#2. DeHavilland Comet - Would have given the Brits an early advantage in Jets had it not had pressurization issues that doomed its reputation.

#3. Tri Tailed constellation, just because if ind them beautiful.




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#4. Boeing 377 just for its oddness, and its links to the B-29



#5. Curtis Condor, first use of a commercial autopilot on a plane.  One possible surviving plane-I think someone is tryi9ng to re construct a badly crashed plane that was recovered in the 1960's from a much earlier crash. 




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Not optimistic the Condor will be flying any time soon. If anyone is in Ohio, go to the air Force Museum in Dayton, very much worth a look.


Another worthwhile Aviation link, list of surviving prop liners.

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11 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

@A Horse With No Name


I think these were supposed to be all military fixed-wing aircraft.

Ahhh....then we will go with list #1 and....change....

...to the B-29 in place of the failed passenger plane in #2....

...and you all have my lisit in advance for when we talk about passenger planes. Still working on wheeled vehicles and tracked vehicles and the like.

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Any airplane?

This is nuts!!! I LOVE airplanes just as much, if not more, than cars!

Ill do 5 WW2 warbirds.

Then Ill do 5 modern war  jets.

Then Ill do 5 civilian jets...



Supermarine Spitfire MkIX


North American P51D Mustang


Focke Wulf FW190 A8



Messerschmidt BF109 E-4


Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

Hopelessly outdated when  WW2 started, but there is something about it that I love. Shark face paint jobs I think is it...



Modern fighters

McDonnell Douglas F4J Phantom II


General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon


Mikoyan Gurevich  MiG 29 Fulcrum


Dassault Rafale



McDonnell Douglas F-15E Eagle



Commercial or Private Jets

Boeing 747...all of them. ESPECIALLY the latest one. the 747-800


Canadair Challenger 350 and


Not the same private jet...

Canadair Challenger 600/601/605/650


Boeing DC3



Boeing 787 Dreamliner


Canadair CL-215/CL-415



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Yeah...McDonnel Douglas...

I made an oopsie mistake. 

Happens on occasion. 

I have deep respect for Airbus and their aircraft. I would have mentioned the A380, but that 747...she is my mistress...

And seein that my dad worked at Canadair for 40 years of his life, Canadair aircraft are the reason why I am an airplane buff....no room left for Airbus on any list.

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I love Canadair aircraft....I actually changed my flight itinerary the last 3 times I flew to fly on one....


As for the 747....your mistress has a big ass and wide hips!

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4 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:

I love Canadair aircraft....I actually changed my flight itinerary the last 3 times I flew to fly on one....


As for the 747....your mistress has a big ass and wide hips!

Douglas...just Douglas...a second brain fart...

As for the 747...

And finally...what Canadair aircraft have you been on?

Im curious to know.

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