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Frisky Dingo

Would You Rather: AWD Fighter Edition

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I watched this test a while back, and really enjoyed it. To my knowledge, the only one who managed to get this whole group together. 'Everday Driver' did a comparo a while back of the Golf R, Evo, Focus RS, and STI. I know these are usually 2 car option threads, but we're going to deviate from that this go-round. Here's the test-

Golf R vs Evo vs FocRS vs STI


So, which of the following would you rather have?

Golf R








Evo X Final Edition




Focus RS






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STI #1, Golf R #2, RS #3, Evo #4.

the middle two are kind of negotiable but the STI on top and EVO on the bottom is not.

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For me.  1 and 2 are a bit of a toss-up and I would easily allow any of them in my driveway :)


1:  Golf R


2.  Focus RS


4.  WRX STi


4:  EVO


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I've driven all of the cars except the RS, so I feel like my assessment is pretty good. My rankings-


1) Golf R. Probably no surprises here, but it's not even close. The other 3 aren't even remotely in the same realm of usability and drivability. Though it may be outdone in sharpness and  outright athleticism, it still delivers performance on par with the others and has great potential. Plus, the DSG rocks in this car.

2) Evo X. This one may come as a surprise. It's archaic, but it's the most pure and visceral, imo. It also has that great rally heritage. And at this point, it's pretty rare. That's a bonus.

3) Focus RS. I feel like this car had the potential to be more than it is. The poor road manners severely hinders this car's appeal to me. Some of the specs regarding the hardware and components used also turn me off.

4) STI. Just a massive disappointment. A new car stuck in the previous decade. But unlike the Evo, it was created in this one. Inferior to it's own lesser sibling- the WRX.

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