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Musk stated today Model 3 delivery isn't to be expected before "the end of 2018".

There goes the production schedules and annual goals stated up until now. Not at all a shock if one has been paying attention to this company's history.
What remains to be seen is the degree of people who decide 'enough is enough' and pull their deposits- THREE YEARS is a long damn time to wait for a car to be built.


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34 minutes ago, frogger said:

I read that as "New" preorders placed today, not the 400k placed last year will be the ones not shipping until after 2018.

He did not say the Model 3 is delayed.


From the link:


If you haven't already pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3, don't expect to own the car anytime this year -- or next.

"This will be a long wait," Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk said at the company's annual shareholder conference on Tuesday. "I'm guessing if you put a deposit down now, it's probably end of next year before you get it."


Musk's estimate suggests an even greater backlog than expected. On Tesla's website, the delivery estimate for new Model 3 reservations is "mid 2018 or later."

Tesla opened up pre-orders for the Model 3, its first mass market car, more than a year ago. Within a matter of days, more than 300,000 customers put down $1,000 deposits to reserve their place in line.

Related: Tesla losses grow as it nears Model 3 launch

Tesla hasn't updated the pre-order count since last year, but Musk said Tuesday that "there are more and more deposits every week."

"So if you want, then definitely put down the deposit," he added. "The line isn't getting shorter."

Optimism for Model 3 sales has helped drive up Tesla's stock price in recent months, pushing the company's market cap above traditional automakers like General Motors (GM) and Ford (F).

But the cost of prepping for the launch has also pushed Tesla deeper into the red. It had to raise more than $1 billion earlier this year. Tesla said last month it was "significantly expanding" its infrastructure with more retail, delivery and service locations ahead of the launch.

CNNMoney (New York)


You are correct in your assessment!!!
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So with this update from Musk, the 373,000 reservations, the only true known figure that Tesla has released equates to only 124,333 Tesla 3 cars being delivered this year and in the first half of next year as well as the 2nd half of 2018.

Since the story clearly states that any reservations placed now will be delivered at the end of 2018.


Now the big problem is as follows:

Tesla delivered only 76,230 auto's in all of 2016.

Tesla delivered 24,518 auto's for the first quarter of 2017. 

So in looking at this, at best we are seeing 50,000 auto's built and delivered for first half 2017, keeping that moving forward for the rest of the year, that would mean in the second half of 2017 Tesla is projecting to deliver 175,000 auto's. Tesla 3, S and X.

I smell BS here as Musk has not proven they can deliver that many auto's with just the S & X alone.

I am betting on 50,000 Tesla 3's at most for 2017 get delivered if they truly get into production.

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