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October Car Spotters Thread

Robert Hall

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Feeling like fall here today...was out walking the dogs at 7am, 40 degrees out, trees turning, leaves falling.   Saw a very clean dark maroon with matching padded top early '80s Caddy Sedan de Ville go wafting down the street, couple appeared to be in their 70s..must be their Sunday car, haven't seen around during the week. 

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19 hours ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

Saw a sharp seafoam green '56 Thunderbird in traffic this morning, top down..

Ah yes, the days of fearless color and trim choices... love me some Seafoam Green.

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36 minutes ago, FAPTurbo said:

does anyone accidentally fart out undigested onion rinds into their knickers?

asking for a friend

Kinda like observing the quality of your stools? :huh:

Suggest they see the doctor, that is way off topic for an auto forum. <_<

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Took a drive along the Lake Erie coast yesterday afternoon, beautiful day...saw a white late model Jeep Wrangler in my rear view mirror with a modified grille that spelled out 'OHIO' (which read OIHO in the mirror).    Also saw a clean red '75 Cutlass coupe on a small town used car lot.   Heading to a beach today, may see more interesting cars.

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Went up along the Lake Erie coast again today, to a couple beaches and various small towns up to the PA line.  Maybe the last nice weekend of the year--70 and sunny.  Great fall colors.   Saw a variety of interesting cars out and about, a couple Model A Ford roadsters--one pale yellow, one black...I suspect the yellow one had been modernized because the tires and wheels looked more modern..  also saw a clean white '59 Thunderbird coupe.   Saw about a dozen modded Wranglers outside a BBQ joint, must have been on a Jeep rally.    Saw a clean blue '68 Camaro SS, and a  what appeared to be a red w/ white stripes '70 Camaro Baldwin-Motion Phase III.  Looked just like the photo..don't know if it was an original or a clone, but sounded brutal.


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