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William Maley

Fiat News: Guangzhou Auto Wants To Strengthen Their Relationship With FCA

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Seven years ago, Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) entered into a joint venture Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Currently, the joint venture locally builds the Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade. The venture also imports the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler for Chinese buyers. It has proven to be successful as the venture saw its sales triple to nearly 150,000 vehicles in 2016. Because of this, GAC wants to strengthen their ties with FCA.

"GAC has a real interest in deepening relations with Fiat Chrysler to expand outside China, especially in the U.S. Fiat hasn’t been able so far to catch up with competitors in China, so there is much room to improve," said Vincenzo Longo, a strategist at IG Markets in Milan.

In an interview with Bloomberg, GAC President Feng Xingya said the two automakers are in discussions about deepening their partnership. The key items being focused in the discussions include models, production, and sales targets. Xingya also hinted that GAC wanted to work FCA in the U.S. when it plans to launch their unfortunately named Trumpchi brand by 2019.

 “We are very satisfied with our cooperation with FCA. We have yet to reach a conclusion on how to cooperate with FCA when we begin manufacturing in the U.S., and we have also not begun discussions with other Chinese automakers on whether to make cars together in the U.S,” said Xingya.

Source: Bloomberg

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Trumpchi Auto brand? :huh:

Really? :o


Talk about coming into an Auto market with a looser of a name. They so need to rethink the marketing and branding of their auto's. 

They would be better off just merging with FCA or buying them out and using the US branded names as a minimal select group would buy a Trumpchi brand not to mention I am sure Trump would sue about his name being used.


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I can imagine the Trumpist/Maga folks would be excited to see a vehicle named after their glorious leader, but be disappointed it was Chinese. Sad!

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      Spokespeople for FCA did not respond for comment.
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      Chrysler's Pacifica-based crossover: It seems the platform that underpins the Pacifica will be used for a long-promised crossover. The model was in the previous five-year plan for FCA, but was pushed back. The model will be in the next five-year plan (expected to be shown sometime later this year) and could go into production within the next 18 months.
      Ferrari SUV: Progress on Ferrari's upcoming SUV is moving quite quickly as Marchionne said it would be ready by the end of 2019 or early 2020. At the moment, the Italian automaker has mock-up bodies of the SUV, but nothing driveable.
      “I have seen the car when I was in Europe. It’s not finished. It’s going to be Ferrari. It will drive like a Ferrari or I’ll be taken to the shed. But it looks good,” said Marchionne.
      Other bits from Marchionne:
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