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  1. Yikes. This is going to set back a few sales, but at least the demand is high. People will surely wait till production ramps up again.
  2. The Cadillac and Ram did a nice increase, but damn the Chevrolet and Fiat really fell down flat last month, especially Fiat with a 24% drop. Ouch.
  3. This sounds like good news to me. Sounds like one heck of an upgrade that will better the Volkswagen V6R brand.
  4. Now come on. I don't think the interior is that bad as in "horrendous nightmare" bad. I do however think it could certainly have used better design and refinement. Still, not too shabby.
  5. All I can say is good luck to Volvo if the rumors ring true. I hope all goes well. The vehicle does look slick, though.
  6. I guess they're just making sure to put the finishing touches on without leaving a blemish. Patience is a virtue. The Alfa Romeo 4C looks sweet, too.
  7. I, for one, am interested in Volvo cars and would consider buying one, though it competes with other options I'd buy instead. Still, I hope it does well with the new modification.
  8. Yeah, the exterior looks quite substandard. Don't get me wrong, it looks like an ok looking car and the interior is decent, but nothing I am particularly drooling over.
  9. Glad to hear the update about the Cascada. I mean if it's going to benefit their market, then they shouldn't have hesistated to bring it over.
  10. If Diesel isn't that great, then what is great? I mean compare it to others and it ranks pretty high.
  11. Yeah I agree. Like they say, bigger is better. People don't want to be caught up in a teeny tiny vehicle. So from a marketing standpoint, going smaller might hurt them in the long run.
  12. I really hope Volvo is not getting into more than they can bargain for. I mean I understand they want to build their car brand, but if they're going to raise the price for their cars that people have not been buying often enough, isn't that digging themselves a grave?
  13. Oh boy. The streets are going to get more and more populated with vehicles if the number of purchases are going up to 16.1 million. The competitors have certainly stepped up their game with the products, leading the way for more buys. I'll be adding to that rising number in a year or two, also.
  14. Intriguing news. This is certainly good for business. Plus the GT86 was a stunning car.
  15. Great news coming from the GM brand. I love how they are making the second and third row seats flexible and extendable and also adding more legrooom for the second row. Great decision on behalf of the SUVs.
  16. Do your thing, Mazda. I'm interested to see them when they put these plans into motion.
  17. Whatever their decision is, I'm sure they will do great business in the U.S, especially with the Caddy. Man, every last one of these auto companies are butting heads for the top spot.
  18. I like the Mazda6 and I think the company did a pretty good job with all the attention to detail and the overall designing. But yeah, the interior sounds a bit disappointing as it looks. They're going to have to up their game there.
  19. I wish them success with this ride. On the surface, it's decent but it sort of sucks that there's going to be a price hike. Ah well.
  20. Thankfully it doesn't represent a large percentage of their income, because that would be devastating. It's horrible to see the numbers declining, especially for a beautiful looking car like that. Something is obviously wrong.
  21. The car driving residents of the U.S must be ecstatic about this news and I don't blame them, judging from how awesome the car is.
  22. The vehicle is one amazing looking ride and looks like a great replacement to the CL-Class. Plus its packed in with some innovative technology, like the camera installed to help detect and prevent collisions. I definitely give this two thumbs up!
  23. That was an intriguing read. And it looks like Chevy has a way to go before they master the diesel engine. In time, they'll get better. I'm sure of it.
  24. I like the idea of a Hybrid Corvette. I agree with Mark Reuss that people would surely turn their heads with interest in the concept.
  25. Interesting piece of news that over 35% of electric cars registered happen in California. They are really trying to usher in these electric vehicles. What better way than to do it in Hollywood's state where they are more than welcome.

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