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2012 Mitsubishi Outlander GT S-AWC

Review 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander GT S-AWC Crossover

Ride & Drive
The Outlander GT was a bit of surprise on how much fun it was. The suspension is very firm and the steering is nicely weighted for enthusiastic driving. Combine those two items with the S-AWC system and six-speed automatic, and you have a very capable and fun crossover.

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However, that firm ride does mean you will feel every single bump and distortion out on the road. Also, those looking for quiet ride should look away from the Outlander GT. There is too much tire noise at any speed and an abundance of wind noise when on the freeway. Engine noise is minimal.

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Great review, nice write up.

I have to say Jeers to the Body design as it screams mini mini van to me and then has that freak-in ugly big black mouth for a front end. The dash while looking functional just screams minimalistic and makes me wonder what else was a short cut in cheapening the car to hit a certian price point.

This is a car company that I do not see in the future just like Mazda unless it merges with some one.
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"Mitsubishi, a brand that was riding high in the early to mid-nineties with vehicles like the Eclipse, Galant, Montero, and Diamante has fallen into obscurity very rapidly"
Not rapidly enough...given the current market, I see the demise of Mitsu, Suzuki, Mazda, and a few other players.

Nice write up on a dismal vehicle.
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front row is comfy, second row is flexible, buttloads of cargo space for a small crossover because the cargo floor is lower and deeper.

it's no more bland than a CRV or RAV4.

AWC system is nice.

Vehicle needs more soundproofing and perceived quality issues.

Most outlanders that sell are four bangers for low to mid twenties, the loaded v6 is not a typical representation.

The vehicle is a manageable size for many who don't want something heavy and larger.

I know two people who own one and both like it a lot.
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