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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Bentley's Designers Calls Out Lincoln Continental's Design

      Bentley Isn't Too Keen On the Lincoln Continental Concept

    If you had the chance to read our story on the Lincoln Continental yesterday, then you read this line: "The overall look of the Continental Concept oddly reminds us of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur."

    We're not the only one to take notice of this.

    Car Design News reports that Bentley isn't too keen on this similarity. Luc Donckerwolke, Bentley's chief designer went to Facebook to voice his complaints.

    "I would have called it Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights," said Donckerwolke.

    Donckerwolke then went to Lincoln chief designer David Woodhouse's Facebook to say, "Do you want us to send the product tooling?" Since then, the comment was deleted, but Car Design News made sure to get a copy of it.

    "This behavior is not respectable. Building a copy like this is giving a bad name to the car design world," said Donckerwolke when asked by Car Design News.

    This was followed by a comment from by Bentley's exterior design chief, Sangyup Lee.

    "It is very disappointing, especially for an exclusive brand like Lincoln."

    So does Bentley have a point, or do they have sour grapes over the Continental? Have your say in the comments below.

    Source: Car Design News

    Lincoln Continental Concept

    2015 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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    Yes there are some similarities, but what auto does not tend to pick up some accents. Just look at what Korea, Japan and China has done in coping Germany and the US.

    Yes there are some similarities, but what auto does not tend to pick up some accents. Just look at what Korea, Japan and China has done in coping Germany and the US.

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    when you have no concept of your own, of course you copy.  Lincoln and Ford really half assed this one.  The dash looks no different than most other ford products and not any different than the MKS etc. either.


    The MKr was nice, why not roll with that?


    Here is what really happened.  Cadillac and the CT6 was going to take all the attention and Lincoln's marketing people at the last minute wanted some air time and they either revived an old dead concept or really rushed a half asses junk concept in time for the show.

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    After comparing the 2 side-by-side, sounds a LOT like envy. 
    Bentley just does NOT look appropriate to it's price tags. The 'beaver tooth' hanging down below the grille, the clunky 'mitten' door handles, the flat wheel arches, but especially the un-detailed headlight & taillight settings… quite frankly BOTH the Continental & the production Chrysler 300 look more upscale on the exterior than the Bentley. 

    The 1990s Acura-channeling headlight treatment of the last 10 years of Bentley have never looked upscale, ever. I say this frequently seeing Bentleys on the road (saw a dark blue convertible on US Rt 1 two days ago).


    Bentley is doing the same ol' SOP Euro approach; get mired down deep in the mud of your design and sit there, for a decade at a time. I don't get the fear of upsetting the customer by moving forward/ upward stylistically. 

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    When I first saw the Lincoln Continental concept, it reminded me somewhat of the recent (Chrysler) Imperial concept....



    Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

    1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve
    "Take a ride, look around" __ Jason Aldean __ 'Tattoos On This Town'
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    Gee, both are rounded edged full sized sedans with hoods that are higher over the engine and taper to the grills.  Other than that, they are very very different cars.  About the only similarity beyond four doors and tires is the way the roofline meets the trunk, and that is not original to the Bentley at all!


    Looks to me like the Bentley design team has run out of ideas and is now trying to find someone else to blame.

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    I thought Jaguar grille before Bentley when I first saw it.  But why would Bentley even care what Lincoln does, Lincoln could be out of business in 5 years.  But so many cars copy others, it would be nice if there was more originality in car design.

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    Ford did borrow much from other brands here. It is not the first time another brand stole from others as it has gone on for years. Even Harley Earl borrowed styling from the best of Europe, air planes and trends. He also borrowed internally inside GM from on studio to another on ideas.  A good designer if he chooses to borrow only takes the best.

    It is clear Ford used a little of their and a little of others out there for this car.


    Hell Ford even tried to make the Granada look like a Benz in the 70's if you squint real hard. The Aero pillars on the first Taurus were also similar to a Benz. Cadillac, Impreial and Lincoln tired to do the hump back of the English cars too in the 80's.


    They have a very nice car but it is not original by any means. Give Cadillac credit for trying to do their own thing. I expect we will see this style evolve to a more advanced version of some of the past show cars of the last couple years. They will have to advance them some so they remain fresh and new. But there is no mistaking a Cadillac for anything but a Cadillac.


    Remove the emblems from the Lincoln and you will get 5 people telling you it is 5 different cars and not one would say Lincoln for better or worse.

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    • This little car, a 2022 Chevy Spark, saved the day …. or, rather, the week.  I exchanged a larger and more complex vehicle and, of the few available to pick from, I chose this one.  It was a dark metallic blue sedan.  I once had a Spark for a day in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and I felt I could go for this pint-sized and economical go kart, even though, this time, I would be taking it on the open road for about a week. The Spark’s hallmark is simplicity.  The interior is simple.  The controls are simple.  And what’s under the hood is simple. A person gets into the Spark and setting it up is easy.  The controls are straightforward.  Curiously, the only thing that was missing was a temperature gauge, which could have been slotted in near the fuel gauge.  Similarly, the center stack is also easy to work with, except that everything is a little smaller and less complicated.  However, dials and switches are “Cadillac grade.”  For the infotainment system and climate control, GM’s divisions share the parts, and, here, the Spark benefits. Some similar cars in Europe are powered by 3-cylinder engines.  The Spark runs with a familiar 1.4 liter 4-cylinder Ecotec engine, sitting in a very tidily organized engine bay where things are accessible and serviceable.  Like many other small cars, the Spark uses a CVT and has for several years now. For everyday driving, the Ecotec 1.4 is acceptable.  Its best feature is how it pulls off the line, or maybe that’s an illusion because it’s small and agile.  It fares okay on mid- to high-speed upticks in speed, but not enough so to get oneself out of tighter situations with neighboring cars with way more horses.  On several highway tanks, the mileage came in at between 38 and 44 mpg.  The lower mileage treks probably had more city driving to find gas stations or supermarkets! The Spark’s CVT seems to perform fine.  The nice thing about it is that the shift lever is very simple and is notched such that it moves down directly from P or R to D, and requires a jog to move over to L.  You won’t get to L by accident.  The CVT does drone on when pushed, but it’s not as pronounced as in some other vehicles. Ride and handling are two different things.  The Spark rides decently on well-kept city streets and on well paved highways.  In fact, here, it almost defies its smallness and low weight.  However, on rough local roads and highways that have washboard pavement and gaps, it might as well be a “beater.”  The roughness can come through as jolts.  As for the handling, it’s nimble and agile.  You always know what the tires are doing, though not in bad way.  There is some isolation.  It’s fun to drive this car in downtown areas, on good suburban roads, on mildly winding 2-lane roads, and even on interstates with speed limits under 65 mph. The interior materials are not especially uptown, but their assembly is respectable.  We are talking about small expanses of surface areas that need to be trimmed out, hence the car’s interior appears to be put together well.  The seats are firm, have some shape, are suitable for up to an average sized individual, and do the job … except for maybe long-haul jaunts.  It’s funny that there’s a small fold down armrest only for the driver.  I actually used it.  There is no console.  There’s not much else down in the center except for the squarish module with the shifter.  At the base of the center stack, there is a small tray which has a USB outlet and a lighter outlet right above it.  Controls at the stalks are standard GM items and the infotainment center and climate control system are almost intuitive.  There is a floor mounted fuel door release by the driver’s seat, a feature that I believe should not be omitted for gasoline or diesel-powered engines, yet some larger cars have done away with this feature.  The rear seat, while nicely finished for the price point, does not offer much legroom for adults.  The storage space with the back seat up behind the hatchback (or 5th door) is very limited.  It can probably handle a medium sized suitcase and a smaller duffel bag, so plan accordingly.  Still, it’s slightly better than what a Smart Car can offer in the back, and it comes with a cover that hides your contents. The Spark’s exterior is econobox all the way, with some endearing almost toy-like aspects, such as a low-key front fascia and rear taillamp assembly and bumper.  It comes in the standard colors, but also some “radical” ones like metallic lime, metallic passion fruit, toasted marshmallow, and possibly a strong “yield sign yellow” aimed at younger drivers or someone who wants to do things a little differently.  The rear overhang is especially short and hearkens to the smallest foreign cars in Europe and Latin America.  This car would look right at home there, but I don’t know if it’s marketed elsewhere at this point.  Alloy wheels can round out the look, as do the rear door handles that are up in the frames at the side of the doors, just like they were on ‘88 to ‘96 GM W-body coupes!  The car might make you chuckle as you go about your business without fetching much attention. The Chevy Spark is a car that serves a purpose – it’s a zippy little city car or local road trip car for someone that wants a known brand and a car that has been around for a few years at an entry-level price.  It has some systems that have had some issues, and the jury is still out on CVTs and their longevity, but Ecotec engines have been around for a while though, for some reason, certain years fare differently than others (think dots on adjacent columns in Consumer Reports).  Some of the other systems are common to and shared within the GM stable, so they should perform acceptably.  In short, I had fun driving this car for that week.  However, coming home to a larger vehicle that is smoother, quieter, and more isolated was also welcomed. - - - - - PHOTOS FORTHCOMING
    • *Somewhat random thought* So obviously those are pretty rare vehicles, right? I managed to see two of them yesterday! A black one and a maroon one. Of course I never got pictures of either but both seemed to be in "pretty good" shape, not mint but far from bad. It's good to see, at least these two, taken care of. 
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