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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    BMW To Challenge Mercedes-Maybach S600

    BMW Wants To Fight Mercedes In the Ultra-Luxury Class

    BMW is losing a lot of ground in the flagship arena to Mercedes-Benz. To combat this, the Munich-based automaker is considering an ultra-luxury sedan that will sit between the 7-Series and the Rolls-Royce Ghost.


    "Just like certain competitors, we will see that we occupy with credible offers the price bracket of 150,000 euros ($170,000) and beyond," BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich to Automotive News.


    Froehlich also took a jab at Mercedes-Benz by saying BMW wouldn't offer several wheelbases or "varyingly thick chrome packages."


    Why is BMW wanting to take on Mercedes-Benz in terms of flagships? In a word, China. Automotive news says about one of every two S-Class sedans built goes to China. The sedans are mostly bought wealthy people who have a chauffeur.


    Mercedes also took a big gamble. Back in 2012, the brand shuttered Maybach and left Bentley and Rolls-Royce to fight over buyers who want ultra-luxury models. During this time, a massive crackdown on corruption took place and many wealthy people decided it wasn't a good idea to show off their wealth in ostentatious fashion. This caused sales of Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles to drop. When Mercedes brought back the Maybach in the form of a high-lux S-Class in 2015, buyers flocked to it as it was seen as an understated way to show off their wealth. Since then, Mercedes has introduced a Pullman version.


    What does BMW have planned? There have been rumors of a 9-Series though details are thin.


    Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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    User Feedback

    Let them have this segment, I see MB eventually imploding under their own weight of becoming the Chevy of everything with a rebadge on both their FWD appliances and the boring RWD appliances. This even goes for the over whoring AMG badge now. Let BMW follow the same model and blow up. It did not work for others and in the long run it will not work for them either. 


    After all in 10 years people will look at what used to be a luxury badge and say that is no different than a Ford or Chevy. I can get all that and save a butt load of money with an American name plate.


    Badge snobs are the only ones that will continue to over pay for just average auto's.

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    Interesting that the S-class left the 7-series in the dust, so now they need to bring out a 9-series.  Bring it on, the S-class will beat it too.  Mercedes knows luxury, they know ride quality, interior space, and over the top horsepower.  BMW was the sport sedan brand, yet in the past 10 years they are are trying to be more like Mercedes, making heavier, more solid feeling cars, making bigger, roomier cars, now making a chauffeur driven car.   Well I am sure BMW will enjoy 2nd place with their 7-8-9 series combined effort losing to the S-class.

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    Why did BMW buy Rolls Royce for?


    BMW already owns this segment through Rolls Royce...


    If you ask me...any German attempt in this segment is a pure fail...

    Unless it has English heritage...aka...Rolls Royce and Bentley...


    SMK...the Maybach has come and gone...twice...this third attempt wont fair any better...


    Mercedes has a good thing going on with the S Class...

    BMW has a good thing going on with Rolls Royce...


    Id leave well enough alone...


    Visions of grandeur is what this is....and usually, visions of grandeur dont end up too good...

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    A Rolls-Royce starts about $200,000 over a 7-series, so there is room in between them.  BMW skips the $100-200,000 market, with the exception of the i8.

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    BMW in order to chase volume has lost its identity. Or more rather they've become dual holders of identities that are not complementary.


    Do we make ridiculous sleds or do we make agile fighters?


    They make neither. 

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