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    Fisker has announced a long term binding manufacturing agreement with Magna International Inc. on EV platform sharing and ADAS package for production of Fisker BEVs at Magna's carbon neutral facility in Graz Austria.

    Fisker debut the Fisker Ocean SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 2021. At that time they had a tentative agreement with Magna that they entered into on Oct. 15,2020. As of June 17th 2021, a binding agreement was reached between Fisker and Magna for production to start November 17th 2022 for the first of Fisker BEVs, the OCEAN Suv.

    This binding agreement is a broad-based, comprehensive plan covering volumes, manufacturing costs and quality metrics over the program's lifecycle that runs to the end of 2029. This plan covers all critical planning, launch and manufacturing phases. This agreement underpins all facility investments, including bodyshop, a clear defined path to start-of-production in 2022 and the rapid ramp-up to full run-rate production.
    This contract covers the everything including opportunities to increase production volumes based on sales and adding other architecture variants. Fisker Ocean SUV will use a Magna-developed electric vehicle architecture modified by Fisker to create the FM29 platform. This platform is an aluminum-intensive platform projected to deliver class-leading range, interior space at a Bill of Meterials and Manufacturing cost that enables the Ocean to enter the market at a starting MSRP of $37,499 in the United States excluding EV-related subsidies and below the Euro 32,000 in Germany (including taxes and EV-related Subsidies) offering a compelling, high-value option packages to customers across the Ocean's entire price range.

    Magna is excited by this partnership where they see a future where everyone can live and move without limitations. Magna has been developing auto parts to complete auto's for various vendors for decades and has expanded from ICE to Hybrid and now full line of Electric power trains that will compliment Fisker's line of Battery Electric vehicles.

    Magna line of eDrives to eBeams move the world in todays products and in the future of Fisker BEVs. The latest product, eBeam is built for Offroad capable auto's to commercial grade auto's. Fisker as they get closer to production will clarify what all components made by Magna will be in the RWD/AWD Fisker Ocean SUV.

    The Fisker Ocean | Meet The Fisker Ocean. How It's Made Matters| Fisker, Inc. (fiskerinc.com)
    Home (magna.com)
    PFXwdbuYTJmxHqeWsQAY (fiskerinc.com)
    Company Information (magna.com)
    Powertrain Electrification (magna.com)

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Will officially debut at Consumer Electronics Show....

    The EV startup Fisker will be officially debuting their Ocean EV on January 4th at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Fisker has been teasing images of the Ocean for months.
    Fisker has also announced that they will be partnering with Electrify America, the charging network born from the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal.  Electrify America is building out a network of 350 kW rapid chargers to be coming online in 45 states by December 2021.  Fisker says that when using those 350 kW rapid chargers, the Ocean will be able to gain 200 miles of range in at little as 30 minutes. The Electrify America network will automatically recognize the Ocean and be set up for automatic payments. Fisker will also be offering a complimentary charging scheme to go with the vehicle. 
    The Ocean is a direct competitor to the forthcoming Tesla Model Y and Ford Mustang Mach-E. Range is expected to be around 300 miles under ideal conditions from its 80 kWh battery. On the roof is a full-size solar panel that is said to be able to add 1,000 miles of range to the vehicle per year. Fisker is said to be working on solid state battery technology that would increase range to 500 miles and allow for charges in minutes. 
    Fisker claims the Ocean will be the most sustainable vehicle built with many recycled and vegan materials inside. The Fisker Ocean will be offered primarily through leasing rather than purchasing. Pricing for a lease is expected to start around $379 per month after a deposit of $2,999.  The Ocean is expected to go into production at the end of 2021 with full production commencing in early 2022.

    Drew Dowdell

    ...washing ashore in 2021...

    Today Henrik Fisker announced the name for Fisker's upcoming EV SUV. Called the Ocean, it has been shown in a number of concept studies over the past year.
    The concept wears a solar roof to help with charging and retractable door handles. Looking mildly like a Range Rover Evoque, the vehicle is being produced with many recycled materials. Fisker claims this will make the SUV one of the most sustainable vehicle available. 
    The starting price is claimed to be around $40,000 and have a range of over 300 miles through its 80 kWh enhanced lithium-ion batteries. Rear-motor, rear drive and dual-motor all wheel drive will be available.  The SUV should hit the market in late 2021, about a year after Tesla's Model Y goes on sales.  Fisker is offering a Tesla-like online-only sales model with "nationwide concierge service". 
    Henrik also announced that there will be some big news on November 27th, the day before Thanksgiving, when online reservation become available.  The production ready prototype will be revealed in January 2020.
    Fisker has been late in delivering on its promises before, so if you're waiting for one of these, you may be waiting a little longer than planned. 
    Fisker Shows First Look at New Electric SUV
    Fisker Teasing Us with Electric SUV Concept 

    Drew Dowdell

    ...Promises to be priced under $40k...

    We first saw a rendering of the forthcoming Fisker SUV back in March of this year.  Now Fisker is releasing some photos of the concept and a few more details. The front end of the Fisker SUV looks mildly like a Land Rover if you stare at the headlights long enough.  Along the side are retracting door handles and an interesting D-Pillar turn-signal repeater.  Fisker has previously shown the SUV with a solar roof to help with charging. 
    Fisker says the SUV will start under $40,000 and have a range over 300 miles per charge.  They are also claiming that the vehicle will be the most sustainable vehicle available with many of the parts being made from recycled materials.   For now, the look of the interior is a secret until its official unveiling later this year.  Fisker hopes to have the SUV on the road in 2021. 

    Drew Dowdell

    ..promises close to $40k price and 300 mile range

    Herick Fisker is back again after his original company succumbed to bankruptcy in 2014.  Now as Fisker, Inc., the latest vehicle he is showing is an electric crossover concept.  While we have a picture, the technical details are light.
    The EV will be priced near $40,000 and have a 300 mile range.  Powered by an 80 kWh enhanced lithium-ion battery, there will be rear-motor rear wheel drive and optional dual motor all wheel drive available. 
    Fisker is planning on the not-yet-named SUV in late 2021, just about a year after the Tesla Model Y is due to hit the market.  Fisker is planning on a Telsa-Like online only sales model with "nationwide concierge service". 

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