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    • @riviera74 Yet another birthday per the C&G list. Enjoy!
    • Good Read, profitable GM. GM Raises 2022 Guidance and Expects North American EV Portfolio to be Profitable in 2025 as Annual Capacity Tops 1 Million GM is being selective on specific brands to go back to being global. Cadillac is the first.  
    • You fear this due to Mercedes being a Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, VW competitor and no longer just a luxury brand. As such, Corvette will clean up Mercedes as a brand focused just on Performance. GM is smart to make Corvette a Online brand that is direct to consumers that you can pick up at any GM dealership. Profitable, makes sense, smart business.
    • Corvette has been its own sub-brand for a long time. Chevrolet as a brand is mainstream trucks, CUVs, and SUVs.  Corvette is a strong enough brand that it can grow.  
    • Closer to 1900 HP, but who's counting? The ONLY number that is important here to compare it to a possible Corvette variant is the actual dollar amount that it will take to put yourself into a Pininfarina Batista versus a Corvette.  One will need 2.2 million of those dollars to own the Battista. The Bugati is even MORE costlier to obtain at a starting price of 3.3 million.  Id say though, WHEN Corvette engineers bring out a factory engineered Corvette to rival those cars at 5% their price tag, then Mark Reuss has a pretty valid point, doncha think? You are actually comparing the Corvette to those so you cant just sit here in front of your computer screen and tell me or anyone else that Mark Reuss aint wrong... Sure...and I find it soooooo phoquing funny you chose NOT to mention the one and only supercar that makes you giggle. And this particular supercar costs 2 275 000 EUROS to buy.  Right smack dab in the middle of the price tags of the Battista and Chiron you mentioned.  Only one caveat though, the AMG CAN'T be sold in North America.  Didnt pass emission tests...  Engineering fail... You are right though, garage queen all three will be. Not so much with the Corvette. ANY Corvette.    A hybrid is on its way and a full-on electric version will be out.  Both will be faster than the Z06.  A track focused Z06 will also come out.  This version ofn the Z06 is track ready, but not super track focused like how a 911 GT3 RS is.  This Z06 is exactly how the GT3 is.  Both are track ready but are GT cars to be DAILY DRIVEN.  The GT3 RS is hardcore track.  You know, the version that AMG wanted to defeat on the Nurburgring.  Porsche sells THAT version at 131 000 Euros.  Porschefiles race it and daily it.   Mercedes and AMG will sell NON-Americans because the AMG-One didnt pass emissions tests in North America, engineering fail, AMG will sell non-Americans this ONE at at STAGGERING 2.275 MILLION Euros.  Porsche gets you into that kind of performance for a mere 7% of the AMG-One's price tag.  And one WILL daily it. UNLIKE the AMG-One.   PS: did I mention that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS is sold in Norh America?  Well it is!!!   It passes North American emissions tests. Unlike the AMG-One. PSS:  The Corvette Z06, all 5.5 liters of flat plane crank, naturally aspirated V8 power, passes American AND European emissions tests. And to think that a faster MORE capable version of THAT car, like THE 911 GT3 RS WILL be offered soon.  This Z06 is like the more tame GT3 911.  And we saw how much more capable the Vette is to the regular 911 GT3... So yeah, I wouldnt question the Corvette engineering team. They got it going on. If I were you, Id start questioning the engineering decisions made over at Mercedes. Because lately, not so good. 
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