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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    GM and LG Chem Join Up For Battery Factory In Lordstown

      ...but not at the old Lordstown plant...

    General Motors and LG Chem are joining forces to invest $2.3 billion in a new battery plant near its old Lordstown Assembly complex in Lordstown, Ohio.  The deal is a 50/50 partnership between GM and LG Chem and will create 1,100 jobs in the area. 

    Construction of the plant will begin mid-2020 at a greenfield former manufacturing site. The employees will work for the joint-venture and will not be direct GM employees. Initially, the plant will solely supply batteries for GM vehicles, though with a maximum capacity of 30 gigawatt-hours annually, the company could expand to supply other manufacturers as well.

    GM and LG Chem are forming this joint venture in an attempt to bring down the unit cost of batteries for future vehicles. The plant's capacity, once completed, will be among the largest in the world. 

    General Motors has said it wants to introduce 20 electric vehicles globally by 2023. 

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    3 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    Can not wait for a $120K Silverado EV crew cab.

    $120K?  That's what Elon Musk would charge an equivalent Tesla.  I figure about $80K for a Silverado EV Crew Cab.

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    Not seeing that. As [theoretically] more and more subsidizing IC vehicles go offline, the prices of EV vehicles will have to go UP, not down.
    It's one thing to sell an EV sedan that has limited capabilities, but an EV Silverado wold have to compare to IC Silverados, so the battery packs would be considerable, not only to compare in range & cargo/towing, but also to overcome their own weight.

    If a 'base SIlverado EV starts at $80K, sales are going to PLUMMET.

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    Larger than Musk's vaunted Tesla Gigafactory in Reno? :D

    GM and LG Chem have been partners for a while. They helped build the T shaped battery pack for the Volt/ELR. I heard about this a lot when with Blink Network EVSE here in PHX.

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    • You can't ACTUALLY believe they'll be selling 50k trucks though, right?  Just the mass/size alone and a stainless steel body will bring their costs well above a Model 3. A Model 3 with AWD starts at 53k.  I just cannot fathom how this could be priced in the 50k price range. Maybe their complete base model(that likely will only be on sale for a few months, like the 35k Model 3) will be shown for 50k. But, everybody and their brother knows this thing will not be a 50k truck once you add AWD (because it's a truck and I'd wager 90% of orders will be AWD) and a battery to go 300 miles or more.  "At the event in Los Angeles, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Cybertruck will start at $39,900 before incentives, but there will be two more AWD variations that will start at $49,900 and $69,900 respectively."  That's a quote from who knows how long ago but it was supposed to be on sale in 2021, then 2022. It's 2023. It's supposed to start production this year...but we'll have to see what ACTUALLY happens here.  
    • "If...if...if"   We have been hearing that about the Cybertruck for what...three years now?    And your price point argument ignores a couple of things. First, the Cybertruck will not be even $50K, as it has already been pointed out. Second, while the D3 have pushed their tuck towards higher price points, $80K trucks are not even close to their volume and they start at around $15K LESS then this hypothetical $50K entry price of the Cybertruck. Two words for you regarding the D3 volume movers. "Work" and "truck". Third, the loan rate talk applies to Tesla as well so, how exactly does that help them get to that magical 200K number?   This is not even close to a legitimate comparison (in regards to sales volume and price points) and you know that but you have been pushing this "if, if, if" nonsense for so long, regarding the Cybertruck, that it just like Elons claims over the last three years. Just empty words and white noise. 
    • Interesting story, do you agree or disagree with the info. Top Cars by Generation: Toyota, Ford, Honda, and More (businessinsider.com) Based on vehicle registration and the age of the person registering the auto. Gen Z (18 to 24 years old): Toyota Camry Younger millennials (25 to 34 years old): Toyota RAV4 Older millennials and Gen X (35 to 44 years old): Chevrolet Silverado Gen X (45 to 54 years old): Chevrolet Silverado Younger boomers (55 to 64 years old): Ford F-Series Boomers (65 to 74 years old): Toyota RAV4 Pre-boomers (75 years old and up): Chevrolet Equinox
    • I really hope that Corvette does an EV SUV. Yes the below video is for an ICE version, but an EV version I would be all for.  
    • It has to be around $50k to start to get the 200,000 volume I think.  That’s the magic number because we see how GM, Ford and Ram pushed truck prices to 60, 70, 80 thousand and now these trucks are stuck on dealer lots.  A $60k loan at 6.5% is about $1100 a month for 6 years.  Then add gas, maintenance, insurance, it is like $1500 a month to drive a new pick up. Not going to be a huge buyer pool if they keep pushing prices and interest rates stay high.     If Tesla is priced like an ICE truck with $7500 tax credit, no gas, limited maintenance, better resale value then there is a big cost savings for the Tesla.
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