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    Infiniti To Transition Sedans From RWD to AWD

      The AWD system will have a rear-bias setup

    Back in January, Infiniti announced that it would electrify most of their lineup starting 2021. The long timeframe is to give Infiniti enough time to finish work on a new platform need for this plan. This in turn has cause Infiniti to delay the redesigns of the Q50, Q60 Coupe, and Q70 till this time.

    Speaking with Australian outlet GoAuto, Infiniti's product strategy vice-president Francois Bancon explained that he would liked to update their lineup of sedans and coupe quicker - the Q70 hasn't really changed since it was known as the M back in 2011. But the change to a new platform has caused the automaker to push them back.

    “We are going to have to change, this platform is a V6 platform, it is rear-wheel drive. We are going to have to shift because this platform is not an electrified platform. You need a battery, you need an electric motor, it’s a different package," said Bancon.

    “The oldest are the priority obviously, it’s not about one product versus another but it’s just about cascading management … and updating all of them. We would prefer to replace faster but we have some limits because it is a radical shift for us. It’s not about, well, you keep the platform but replace (the body design). When you change everything, including the manufacturing system, it is not a small change.”

    Bancon also dropped an interesting tidbit about the new platform. It will be all-wheel drive - gas engine driving the front-wheels and electric motors handling the rear. But will feature some sort of rear-bias.

    “Probably all-wheel drive, with some distribution more 50:50 (front-to-rear) than the 60:40 we have today, so probably a little more rear distribution than we have today. Since you shift electric you have a motor in the front and in the back, so rear-wheel drive does not make sense anymore. So with the new generation electrified platform … it’s a bit like Audi with its four-by-four (wheel drive).”

    The Q70 is expected to be the first model of this trio to transition, but Bancon admits that will only be for the Chinese market. The Q50 and Q60 are expected to follow.

    Source: GoAuto

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    The Q50 and Q70 come in all wheel drive now.  This sounds like they want to take an Altima and add electric motors to the rear and call it an Infiniti Q70.  Good luck with that.

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    Good luck indeed...although I do like the Styling direction of Infinity passenger cars better than I Like Lincoln's. 

    Still...Cadillac, Audi, Benz and Lexus are so far ahead of infinity, Lincoln and Acura i don't think the last three will ever catch up as real luxury cars.

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    I think Acura should just concentrate on being what they always were. A mid-luxury brand that effectively replaced and shut down  Oldsmobile. They need to do this with sport sedans that had a mix of European flair and a whole lot of dose of Japanese mojo!

    Coincidentally,  I think Buick needs to do the same thing, continue on where Oldsmobile left off and be like Acura was in the 1990s, but with American mojo.

    Sadly for us though, Buick is more geared to Chinese tastes, because Americans are too dumb to realize the history of Buick and what Buick means to America. Buick in America is as good as dead, in my opinion. I dont think the Regal will sell. Sadly!  (Is the Regal geared towards American tastes or is it geared to Chinese tastes or is it a pseudo European American concoction? I LOVE it, but I dont think many Americans will embrace it) 

    This is where Infiniti comes in. 

    I think Infiniti could get real traction and build REAL MODERN Buicks for us Americans as Buick is building Chinese Buicks for us Americans.

    You know...

    MODERN versions of Buick Wildcats and Rivieras and 1957 Buick Specials and 1950s and 1960s Electra 225s and Buick GS and Grand Nationals...(even if those vehicles are of the CUV/SUV kind)

    The QX70 is a very aggressive and sexy looking American styling SUV. They should ditch the Alphanumerical and give it an American landscape or landmark name.  

    Yes with the vehicles should have AWD. Yes with turbo V6s. Yes with Hybrid electric tech or 100% all-out electric. Yes with aggressive AMERICAN Infiniti styling married with the current Italian curvaceous lines. Yes with the proper AMERICAN focused marketing and needs.  Yes with American landmark names. 

    I think Infiniti has life here in America if they could effectively replace Buick.  They have to target Buick and take them out for good! 

    Its saddens me to say this...but its just a thought that I have. 

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    That is an odd thought about Buick and Infiniti.  I did recall a friend that had a G35 coupe, then a G37 Coupe and now a Q60 coupe.  What did he have before the Infinitis?   A 90s Buick Regal coupe.   

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    28 minutes ago, Cubical-aka-Moltar said:

    That is an odd thought about Buick and Infiniti.  I did recall a friend that had a G35 coupe, then a G37 Coupe and now a Q60 coupe.  What did he have before the Infinitis?   A 90s Buick Regal coupe.   

    The Infiniti grill just inspires Buick to me. For whatever reason. I also see those angry, tilted headlights as a shout out to a 1960 Electra 225. Actually, the whole car just screams a modern interpretation the the 1960 Buick Electra 225 to me.

    Image result for 2016 infiniti q60

    Related image


    I also see Infinitis as 'heavy' and hefty  luxo cars. No matter what vehicle it may be.  Be it the Q60 and Q70 coupe and sedan or the QX70 SUV.  Personal luxury vehicles. Like a Buick Riviera.  I could easily see Infiniti's design language as a perfect fit for American arrogant and in your face styling that Cadillac and Buick was always famous for. 


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    Infiniti is not going to replace Buick when it has already replaced Pontiac (from a performance standpoint, especially given Nissan's lack of performance -- 350Z aside).

    Remember, Toyota said in 1990 that the Avalon was Toyota's Buick.  After nearly three decades, that prophecy may have been fully borne out, especially since the death of the Buick Lucerne in 2011 and the shift (for Buick) from sedans to CUVs here in the USA, not to mention the shift in gravity to China.

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    3 hours ago, frogger said:

    The Stinger is a Grand Prix GTP done right..


    Or a Bonneville GXP...(the Stinger is a tad more luxurious than a W-Body Grand Prix ever was. The Stinger is closer to a late 1990s early 2000s GM FWD H Body in terms of luxury but closer to a mid 2000s W-Body in terms of performance.) 

    Or what a modern Buick Wildcat could be.  I could see Infiniti hammer out a car like this with ease.  


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