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FIRST LOOK: 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid

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2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid Press Release

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For release: Nov. 29, 2006, 12 p.m. EST


Design Meets Technology With the World’s First Two-Mode Hybrid System in an SUV

LOS ANGELES – The 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid, featuring the world’s first two-mode hybrid propulsion system in an SUV, will offer consumers a 25-percent improvement in overall fuel economy when it arrives at dealerships toward the end of next year.

By utilizing innovative hybrid technology and Active Fuel Management™ cylinder deactivation technology, the Yukon Hybrid will deliver a spectacular combination of fuel efficiency and power, while maintaining the capabilities of a full-size SUV.

“GMC has always stood for engineering excellence, so we’re extremely proud to be the first to market with a two-mode hybrid SUV to further improve our segment-leading fuel economy while providing all the performance you expect from GMC,” said John Larson, general manager, GMC.

The GMC Yukon Hybrid is powered by an aluminum small-block Vortec V-8 engine that maintains important performance attributes of full-size trucks, such as towing at 6,000 pounds. To offset the added weight from the hybrid propulsion system, GM redesigned certain vehicle components to optimize aerodynamics. These design changes include a new hood, front and rear fascias and a sleek GMC grille.

While traditional full hybrid systems offer only one electric mode that is utilized during low-speed driving, GM is teaming up with DaimlerChrysler and BMW Group to co-develop the two-mode hybrid system, which is a patented fuel-saving technology with one mode for city driving and one mode for highway driving.

The first mode of the system is for low speed and light loads. In this mode, the hybrid system can operate with electric power only, engine power only and any combination of engine and electric power. When the first mode operates as electric only, fuel consumption is reduced in heavy stop-and-go traffic by shutting off the engine for extended periods of time and moving exclusively under electric power at low speeds.

The second mode is primarily used at highway speeds. In addition to electric assist, the second mode integrates sophisticated electronic controls, such as Active Fuel Management, cam phasing and late-intake valve closure, to allow even more efficient engine operation with electric motors less than half the size of a traditional “one-mode” hybrid system. Full eight-cylinder engine power is provided when conditions demand it, such as passing, towing or climbing a steep grade.

The two-mode system also leverages a four-speed automatic transmission and electronic controls in an integrated, powerful and compact system that can be used with gas and diesel engines, front- and rear-wheel-drive configurations and cars, trucks and SUVs.

“The GMC Yukon Hybrid will be equipped with unique powertrain technology that provides a terrific combination of fuel economy, performance and towing capability in a full-size SUV,” said Tom Stephens, group vice president, GM Powertrain. “The Yukon Hybrid’s 25-percent composite fuel efficiency improvement highlights GM’s commitment to save as much fuel as possible by applying hybrid technology to the highest fuel-consuming vehicles first.”

GMC is a division of General Motors Corp. GMC markets Acadia, Sierra, Yukon, Envoy, Canyon and Savana. GMC's lineup of Professional Grade trucks and SUVs delivers capabilities and unique features to fit every active lifestyle. GMC sold more than 566,000 vehicles in 2005, and has set divisional sales records 11 times in the last 13 years. More information on GMC and its products can be found at www.gmc.com.

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So no aluminum hood and lift gate? Didn't they show the Tahoe Hybrid with it? Cost might be getting in the way of that addition.


it does say "new hood" maybe this press release just isn't as detailed...

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I really like the concept, and it works terrificly on the typical 4-cyl and few 6-cyl Hybrids, I just still wonder how well they've refined it using a somewhat gruff OHV V8 underhood. The 5.3L (and all it's brothers) are smooth, civil, and typically quiet motors, but they sure don't purr like a Toyota 4-cyl...so one has to wonder what the transitions between electric and the gas engine kicking back on are like.

Although poorly done, in the last gen Silverado/Sierra Hybrid, it was a rather noisy, clunky affair, so I just wonder--even though these are admittedly many worlds advances from that past experiment.

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So the MPG ratings are going to be 20/27 ?

Thats respectable, but at a sticker price probably close to $50,000 thats going to be a little extreme, and it will probably suffer from the same anemic sales that the hybrid silverado suffered.

I believe a green line outlook at 30,000 with a 25/30mpg would be a much better seller.

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Right technology on the wrong vehicle.

It won't be until 2010 when GM releases its first full-hybrid car.


Wouldn't you say that it is better for GM to recoup the costs on a vehicle it is actually competitive with to begin with? Really, look at the sales... selling a Hybrid GMC is far more important to GM than a Hybrid Pontiac. You of all on this board know this... would you buy a G6H even if it got 36 MPG?

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empowah's got it wrong here.

financially, it makes sense for GM to develop a hybrid on a high volume vehicle like this that is very mainstream and one which will benefit from it the most. We'll save buttloads of gas on these vehicles and the money will be there to pay for it.

putting a hybrid in their fuel suckers which everyone wants goes a lot farther than developing a prius clone, by the way the prius is now sitting on lots and no one is talking hybrids anymore.....too pricey and complex for small cars.

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