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Confession for the ION


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I have to say it, as odd as it is for me to admit this, but I really do like the Saturn ION.

But, in Red Line Quad Coupe form only.

When I went to Ft. Wayne to the Saturn dealership and gave them my number to contact me for when the Astra arrives, I sat in one.

Know what?

I loved the center mounted gauge cluster and the wonderful Recaro bucket seats up front. The interior plastics don't feel harsh and cheap now, and have nice graining. The dash plastics in the ION feel better than those in the Cobalt. They don't sound hollow, and feel semirubberized.

The steering wheel could be adjusted for any position and not block the guages, and, of course, I loved the amber illumination of the interior as it reminds me of my Breeze and because it is different, and not as distracting on the eyes at night. I can make this statement because I had a factory cassette/CD player installed in my Breeze so that I may enjoy my own music when nothing is on the radio, and all that they make anymore is the blue-green display. That sort of ticked me off. They didn't even ask me if it would have been okay, as I specifically requested a unit with AMBER background illumination. But anyway, this blue-gren display really pulls my attention down to the stereo even with with it only occupying my peripheral vision. It actually discomforts me a bit.

Back to the ION. I would like it because it is different. A plastic car that is quick. Something to resist dents and corrosion. Plus that cool center gauge cluster!!! Even though I would like to have the ION Red Line, the Astra is coming, and I would much prefer that. I've loved the Astra since I've known about it in 2004.

This message was brought to you by Steve. Who couldn't hide his begrudged appreciation of the ION any longer.

Thank you!


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Glad to know that I'm not as crazy as I sometimes think I am for the things I like, hehe.

No, I haven't gotten to drive one, I'm just going from my firsthand encounter, a walk-around, and sitting in one while having everything adjusted. But I sure would like to. That way I could see how everything functions while in motion, how the Red Line feels while in motion, and of course, the eyebrow raising acceleration.

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Ironically, I HATE the center mounted gauge cluster...in any car. However I do like the Ion coupe, particularly the Red Line...

The sedan however, is an ugly mofo.


Yeah. I was going to look into the Redline coupes, but I wouldn't be able to live with that center mounted gauge cluster.
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Drove an Ion at an ASIM (what happened to them, BTW). and it blew me away. Didn't expect much, but it was an absolute blast to drive - probably the easist car to drive quickly that I drove that day - Corvette and GTO included. Maybe it's because I'm used to driving FWD, but it just felt perfect.

Never thought much of the car before that. Love it now.


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Guest YellowJacket894

I swear, every time I look at the ION sedan, I see a decade's worth of a few J-Body Cavalier cues hiding in there, somewhere.

Posted Image

You know, I can also see a few cues from the 1985 Saturn Project concept car in there, too.

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