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"Not quite right" 2006 CTS-V


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It sounds like it could be a problem with the drive-by-wire. It goes, but it doesn't know when the throttle gets depressed more. Also, the engine sounds pretty much like an LSX to me, so I'm not so sure it sounds so bad... Also, if the cruise doesn't work or the tach, those are both electrically-controlled.

Finally, how does this tool afford a CTS-V?

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Definitely a moron. How convenient he has the ability to video himself from the viewpoint of the dash looking back at him. If I was GM I'd take the car back and tell him to go away. There are just some idiot people no one wants as a customer.

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I saw this before else where GM did agree to give him a new car since this was a on going problem they could not fix.

I can understand him being upset with good reason but I don't care if you 100 or 2000 miles from home you don't dive a car in that condition. He most likley did nor damage by driving it than what was already wrong.

If he was coming back from the PRI show as stated he knew what he was doing and new he could press GM's buttons by doing this. He also knew he was doing great damage to the car by forcing it beyond the limp home mode.

He was so wrong as he knew the car could die and in doing so could have killed someone else by causing an accident just tring to make a point and filming his outrage while driving and losing power including power steering.

I know of a case where a HHR owner had a fowl smell in his new car. The dealer called in Detroit and a company rep came to Ohio to check it out. They told him to go to the dealer and Order a new HHR to his spec and they would trade it for his used smelly one. He did not need to make a video or set fire to it like some fool. The smell had to do with hot weather a and the glue on a cloth interior. GM at the time of their visit has had 15 this way. They are changing the glue.

The bottom line this guy could make a video but whine less and not do more damage while filming it. He was not that far out in the middle of no where. A bit of a drama queen!!

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