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How much are Buick Regal T-Types worth?

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There is an 86 or 87 T-Type Regal sitting outside of my work. It has been there for 3 weeks or so. I don't know what is going on with it but I keep on telling the service manager not to junk it. It is quite nice but needs a little TLC. It is a T-Type because it is engraved into the dash. It also has the hood bulge and the Grand National rims. How much are these worth now when restored and would they be worth restoring? HERE ARE THE PICTURES FINALLY. Sorry about the focus. I was rushing so I wouldn't be late to work.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Guest YellowJacket894

I'm not sure of the worth of the car, but I'm pretty sure that the T-Type had the same turbocharged 3.8 liter engine of the Grand National and GNX (post-1985). Also, it could be possible that that particular T-Type could be one of the rare "Special T" models, which had the Grand National exterior and T-Type interior.

I'd buy it.

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Those are one of my favorite choices for sleeper collectible. IMO, they are worth far more than the market indicates as they are a GN in sheep's clothing. They got the GN drivetrain and a choice of color and other options the GN lacked while posessing the same legendary performance. They are also much more rare than the currently over-valued GN. If you find a decent one at a good price, buy it!

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I would think they would go for something around 7k to 10k depending on the condition its in. The T-Types were actually a hair faster than the GN's because it had less weight. I would LOVE to own one! Prolly my dream car (GN/T-types - 86/87s)

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That is an unfortunate color, one that I don't think is original. While the car is pretty clean, the miles are suspect, it has been modded in unknown ways and has an intercooler which was only available in '87 ,I think. I'd keep looking.

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that would be an awesome car to have, but if it's in pretty good condition i bet they could ask about 7k straight faced, GNs sell on ebay regularly close to 15K if not more.

i bet it'd be easy to make a GN clone, if you wanted to.

i think off the top of my head the late t-types had about 220hp and more than 300 ft lbs

GNX's had close to 260hp and 350 ftlbs i think

i'd love to get one, but don't have the space to keep it covered and nice

W...wait? Aren't those the turbo Buick's?! The ones kinda like 'loki's' signature?

thanks lol yeah it's a t-type
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Would the Kelley Blue Book have prices listed?

Yes, if it's a '87. Go to their website and select used car values. Select a year/make/model, click go, then choose the type of value you want. Option it out as is, give them a ZIP code, and it'll give you a US$ suggested value. Hope that helps.

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