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I guess I'll state an obvious one, the CTS. Since it was the first car with the "art & science" idea, it paved the way for future products and was a radical shift from all previous Cadillacs. I also think the Escalade played a important role in changing the brands image, making it more hip. Being that since it's introduction it has been a favorite among celebrities/music artists, it seems to have become a popular vehicle with the younger generation, people who would have never liked a Cadillac before.

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K-car for the win!

Someday in like 30 years, I'll probably see a guy at a carshow with a MINT

1985 Aries station wagon with plastic faux-wood paneling. If I do not die of

a massive laughing fit I will ask him "WHY, WHY IN GOD'S NAME?!?!?!"

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Aurora. Well...attempted.

Navigator bouyed Lincoln and could've turned it around, but didn't.

I'd throw in the Escalade with the CTS in that Cadillac wouldn't have been as successful with only one. Escalade generated the buzz while the CTS performed.

Altima for Nissan. D'uh.

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The objective is simple.

Name cars that you believe sparked a turnaround at their respective brand (i.e. Chrysler 300). Explain if possible. Go!

300C was a one hit wonder.

Lincoln LS was a one hit wonder.

Cadillac Escalade v.2 started Cadillac's turn around, SRX V1.5, CTS v1 and v2, and XLR have continued it.

The previous gen Jetta, Bug, and Passat were great turn around products, unfortunately, they've lost their momentum.

Enclave is likely to be Buick's turn around product

Cobalt and HHR started Chevy's turn in the car market. Malibu will be excellent follow through.

Pretty much Saturn's whole damn lineup minus the Ion.

Chrysler's minivan has saved them more times than it should have, but it was only a turn around product the first time.

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