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Al definitely has a chance. There are plenty of personalities who have gone into politics, but Al has some credibility based on his political talk show. Though not everybody will share his views, he does not come across as an empty blowhard.

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I actually thought Ventura was a sensible guy. Perhaps he wasn't the smartest dude... but 'smart' people don't do too well in politics.

His buddy Schwarzenegger seems to be doing just fine.

Franken is funny, and although I don't agree with a few of his ideas, he would be great as a Senator. The problem is... will people take him seriously?

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no way in hell do i vote for him.

too standoffish. Too left. Besides, if he's running against Norm Coleman, then my mind is already made up.

We already made mistakes putting ventura in office. The Wellstones and Klobuchars of the world are hard enough to stomach as it is. We don't need to tilt even further towards lunacy.

Coleman is good at deciding which way HE wants to go, and usually chooses a direction that is palatable to moderate / conservative work oriented non-intellectual elitist class. And he studies an issue first before simply spewing whatever he thinks will get himself elected.

Its possible Frankenstein has the tools to be a decent politician, but he should seek a lower office first and work his way into the fold and learn the political process. Get some service in first and then you might have some cred to push your off center agendas.

God, I sure hope he knows what "E85" is.

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I personally can't WAIT for Schwarteneger to be our president!!! 8)

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My god, I couldn't believe that one.

thanks to Judi Dutcher, all sense prevailed! Hatch would have been a huge disaster. Good thing we saw his true colors the last week before the election. My buddy in PR for a major hospital down here which had to deal with Hatch's grandstanding on medical issues had been saying for years how much of a cancer Hatch was in the landscape around here.

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