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Cory Wolfe

Ever Come Across Someone Who's...

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..So out of touch and ignorant to reality?

(13:03:22) blackviper8891: anywho... see the new g8 yet? http://www.pontiac.com/g8/ or http://www.cheersandgears.com/forums/index...=15332&st=0

(13:04:23) anonymous: it nice but...

(13:04:40) blackviper8891: lol

(13:05:44) anonymous: its just a saturn aura or a vauxhall

(13:06:28) blackviper8891: lol... its a holden commodore ss... but what does it matter? it's as good as a bmw 5 series but will be much cheaper

(13:06:45) blackviper8891: and its sexy

(13:06:45) anonymous: http://www.topgear.com/drives/E7/B7/

(13:07:07) anonymous: no it won't it's a gm. its cheap and looks even cheaper

(13:07:44) blackviper8891: hahahaha... ooookay, nice bias there, lol...

(13:08:29) anonymous: it's nice looking, but will be made cheap, look cheap, and drive cheap. it won't contend with a 5 series

(13:08:51) blackviper8891: haha... if you say so

(13:09:03) anonymous: u know i'm right

(13:09:17) blackviper8891: there's already been reviews that've said the commodore is as good or better than a 5 series

(13:09:23) blackviper8891: no, i know youre wrong lol

(13:09:46) blackviper8891: if you want to see cheaply made, look at a ford *wink*

(13:09:48) anonymous: hahahahah thats funny

(13:10:14) anonymous: some fords are made cheap. But chevys are cheaper yet

(13:10:20) anonymous: gm

(13:11:25) blackviper8891: lol... what are you comparing? 90's GMs? that was then, this is now... fyi, gm has some of best stuff, but bias like that keeps them back

(13:11:49) blackviper8891: you havent even checked out a car and youre proclaiming its going to be cheap... yeeeeeeeeah

(13:11:51) blackviper8891: funny

(13:11:52) blackviper8891: haha

(13:12:53) anonymous: i'm sure! the G6 are crap. look at comsumer report. said the ONLY HIgh thing about them were there controls!

(13:13:13) anonymous: the G5 is a cheap nock off.

(13:13:48) blackviper8891: lol.. thats the g6... and the g5... again... this is now we're talking about, not cars that are a few years old already

(13:14:16) blackviper8891: and consumer reports... who the hell still reads that schintzy publication? lol

(13:15:00) anonymous: so...if they are can not make nice cars that can compete with bmw! i won't happen. The cadicllic can't compete with bmw

(13:15:40) blackviper8891: have you even seen the new GMT900s? the new lambdas? the new cts? the new malibu? the new astra? and now the new g8? youre going off your bias and looking quite silly, lol

(13:16:06) blackviper8891: even the last commodore was competitive with gmw 5 series

(13:16:13) blackviper8891: *bmw

(13:16:22) blackviper8891: this new one is even better

(13:16:56) anonymous: they will not! it does matter. beside every new malibu they have come out with Sucks and this one will too!

(13:17:14) blackviper8891: lol.. you havent even seen it... again... BIAS! hahahahha

(13:17:32) blackviper8891: and coming from a ford fan at that... so damn ironic, lol

(13:18:42) anonymous: yes i have...it looks ok. they won't make it look like that..it would cost too much and the segment where that car is placed sucks, they should cut the car and spend more money on that crappy impala

(13:19:15) blackviper8891: lol... yes they are... thats production youre looking at... not a show car or a concept car

(13:19:38) blackviper8891: and the impala is going to be all new and rwd in 2009 or 20010

(13:19:39) anonymous: that will not be production get realk

(13:19:42) anonymous: *real[/b]

(13:19:47) blackviper8891: lol... i am real

(13:20:02) blackviper8891: i know more of the car market than you

(13:20:11) anonymous: no u don't

(13:20:29) blackviper8891: lol..obviously

(13:20:34) anonymous: no

(13:20:41) blackviper8891: youre spouting off mistruths and loads of bias

(13:20:51) blackviper8891: yeah, exactly haha

(13:20:53) anonymous: so u think

(13:21:46) blackviper8891: lol.. hey, im not the one judging a car before i even see it...

(13:21:49) anonymous: gm has to save money anywhere to save that no 1 spott that there going to loss, so why spend money on $h!ty cars that won't sell

(13:22:23) blackviper8891: lol.. theyre not $h!ty.. and theyll sell.. and fyi... Ford and DCX are in much worse financial situations than GM is

(13:22:43) blackviper8891: last year was a different case however..

(13:23:14) anonymous: so and those cars won't sell....the malibu doesn't sell. and the g8 won't sel

(13:23:19) anonymous: *sell

(13:23:26) blackviper8891: lol.. uh huh

(13:23:58) blackviper8891: i hear something... oh.. whats that.. its BIAS! haha

(13:24:01) ianonymous: keep on saying bias, it won't matter when they can't sell a car

(13:24:15) blackviper8891: coming from a biased ford fan.. alright, haha

(13:25:21) anonymous: the cars will not sell. that money should be redirected into bettering other cars that have a fight chance

(13:26:04) blackviper8891: lol... those are the cars that have a chance... let me ask, which cars should be bettered?

(13:27:12) anonymous: colbat. implala, g6, cts, sts, deville thingy. there trucks and suvs,

(13:29:16) blackviper8891: lol... i just said the theres an all new cts, you retard, lol... the cobalt will be new for2008/2009 the impala 2009/2010.. the g6 2010ish.. and the fullsize trucks/suvs were new and *class leading* for 2006 and 2007... yeah... and youre the one claiming to know more? hahahahaha

(13:29:55) blackviper8891: then theres the lambda crossovers essentially replacing the midsize suvs

(13:31:46) anonymous: the cts, still can be better! the trucks are UGLY! and still can't beat the best selling truck for what 30 YEARS!! and ya the midsizes suvs are already being replaced! there not that old! and beside the mazda cx9 is better than there new crossovers

(13:33:22) blackviper8891: lol... youre talking to someone who likes everything from imports to domestics.. and again... you're talking about stuff you just dont know... haha, youre funny

(13:34:21) anonymous: i know exaclty what im saying mr. bias

(13:34:48) blackviper8891: haha... me? im not biased... i give vehicles a chance before writing them off, unlike you

(13:35:28) anonymous: ya keep telling yrself that...

(13:36:35) blackviper8891: haha... youre in defense mode now.. its funny... well, try to turn it on me, but i just went through this convo and showed you up on your misinformation, bias, and other things you dont know... so keep trying, haha

(13:38:01) anonymous: i know that gm is know for cheap cars...and things don't change that fast so i know that those cars will sux

(13:38:04) blackviper8891: dont get too angry now, either... im just having fun with this whole thing lol

(13:38:42) blackviper8891: and again, you write off more vehicles based on something you have no way of knowing.. okay mr. denial haha

(13:39:27) anonymous: it's easy to know! it's called history

(13:40:21) blackviper8891: lol... history is the past... fyi... this isnt 1997 anymore lol ...its 2007... gm has been improving immensely since 2002 or so

(13:41:12) blackviper8891: and whether you'll see that, is whether youre biased or not.. which you are, so you will say something petty and stupid and in defense of yourself not truly knowing what youre talking about

(13:41:20) blackviper8891: lol

(13:42:13) anonymous: i know, what i'm talking about! i always know whats going on, and with gm it's SAVE SAVE SAVE Money

(13:43:05) blackviper8891: haha, yeeeeah.. okay.. coming from someone isn't nearly as dedicated to what goes on in the the automotive market

(13:43:36) blackviper8891: you realize i have no life? lol

(13:44:18) anonymous: that does matter. gm is in save money mode, just like ford and chrysler

(13:46:13) blackviper8891: lol.. and gm is also in "turn around" mode... you cant turn around a company with a bunch of bean counters... so here comes lutz... now that his vehicles are finally making it to market... theyre more competitve than anything the ford family has been able to do... hence why they called in alan mullaly or however you spell his name

(13:46:45) blackviper8891: ford is where gm was last year... except for lost 2 billion more than what gm did... eventually, ford is going to be in the same boat as gm

(13:46:52) blackviper8891: save money mode or not

(13:47:23) anonymous: ya but at least ford as quaility!

(13:49:11) blackviper8891: lol... i could be like you and write everything off based on something i dont know... but currently gm is above ford as far as quality goes... before? ford was better.. but neither are al that bad... the fusion is nicely made... DCX on the other hand... thats what you called poor quality.. i swear i could get plastic burn off theyre dash's lol

(13:51:46) anonymous: yes

(13:52:57) anonymous: http://autos.msn.com/advice/CRArt.aspx?contentid=4024574

(13:53:49) blackviper8891: lol, why the link to something about consumer reports? i dont bother with anything from that pos publication

(13:54:12) anonymous: read it

(13:54:54) blackviper8891: why? haha... its mostly information that wasn't accurately collected

(13:55:05) blackviper8891: JD powers is more accurate

(13:55:54) anonymous: ok! how wasn't it!

(13:58:47) blackviper8891: lol.. first of all, you must assess how they collect their data... they poll their readers... and their readers can write anything down they want and most of their readers are sheeple who only buy toyota or honda in the first place... and its a very small percentage of automobile buyers out there... its not cold hard facts

(13:59:32) anonymous: ya ok....keep tell yrself that

(14:00:13) blackviper8891: lol... im not telling myself anything... thats how CR gets their data... lol

(14:00:55) anonymous: not all of it...thats only a small percentage.

(14:04:59) blackviper8891: lol... all of their quality based data is based off readers who've bought theyre own cars... their reviews are obviously written by their staff, and not the readers, so in that way, yes... but its still all opinion.. like most publications... i base everything off my own assessment of vehicles... i won't write something off because of something some dueschbag says... no matter the brand... i like hondas, i like toyotas, i like hyundais, i like fords, i like bmws, i like vws, i like GMs, etc etc, lol... its called making youre own opinion lol

(14:05:49) anonymous: ya i have mine too

(14:06:08) blackviper8891: if this convo is representative of that.. its biased :P

(14:06:34) anonymous: u too

(14:07:26) blackviper8891: youve written off more vehicles than even a lot of the import humpers ive talked to... lol... as i said, i dont write off anything

(14:08:08) anonymous: i like imports...

(14:08:48) blackviper8891: lol, im talking about import humpers who hate anything american just becaus its american lol...

(14:21:02) anonymous: http://www.autoinsidernews.com/2007/02/04/...and-green-line/

(14:22:28) blackviper8891: i see you found the new vue, tho, lol... its too tall looking for my tastes but should be a quality product as its just an Opel antara

(14:23:08) anonymous: .........

(14:23:28) blackviper8891: yeah, i dont expect you to say anything :P haha

(14:24:13) blackviper8891: but whether you'd like to admit it or not... Opel and Holden's vehicles get rave reviews in their home markets... europe and austrailia

(14:24:22) anonymous: it'll sux

(14:24:29) blackviper8891: lol uh huh

(14:25:06) anonymous: my coworker has a vue now, ang hates it

(14:25:13) blackviper8891: lol, yeah.. the old one

(14:25:49) anonymous: the new aura, suxs and it's one of those

(14:25:55) blackviper8891: the american market GM cars, until recently.. have honestly been nothing compared to the foreign market GMs

(14:26:10) blackviper8891: no.. the Aura is based on the G6.. its just styled to look like one

(14:26:38) blackviper8891: and the only department it really sucks in is the interior, which is pretty cheap

(14:26:50) anonymous: no its a vauxhall

(14:27:18) blackviper8891: lol.. no.. its just styled like one... the actually opel vectra is not the same as it

(14:27:50) blackviper8891: its the same as the pontiac g6 with different styling

(14:28:38) blackviper8891: and in some reviews the aura has beaten the Camry... the best seller

(14:28:45) blackviper8891: and benchmark at that

(14:29:04) anonymous: http://www.vauxhall.com/vx/carsandvans/bra...dName=newVectra

(14:29:39) anonymous: it will not beat the camry! get real

(14:29:53) blackviper8891: lol... you want to see the reviews? lol

(14:30:04) anonymous: http://www.vauxhall.com/vx/carsandvans/bra...brandName=astra

(14:30:20) blackviper8891: and again.. its not the same car...

(14:30:44) anonymous: no they are vaxuhall! and the astra has the name

(14:31:21) blackviper8891: lol, no.. the aura has similar styling traits.. but its not the same vehicle, the astra on the other hand will be the same as the opel/vauxhal one

(14:31:41) blackviper8891: again, the aura is based on the g6

(14:31:53) anonymous: aura=vaxuhall same car

(14:31:56) blackviper8891: lol no

(14:32:13) blackviper8891: look at the greenhouse.. the rear end... its all different

(14:32:37) blackviper8891: lol.. and the aura is on a later version of epsilon while the vectra is on regular epsilon

(14:33:07) anonymous: no they are the sane

(14:33:10) blackviper8891: lol, no

(14:33:33) anonymous: yes

(14:33:41) blackviper8891: haha, no

(14:34:11) anonymous: u know i'm right chevy is to cheap to change it

(14:34:29) blackviper8891: lol... its not even based on the same vehicle... its based on the g6

(14:34:44) blackviper8891: do i have to show you pics that clearly show the differences? lol

(14:35:45) anonymous: i have seen them...i know,. but i have to get going to class, then work peace out

(14:35:59) blackviper8891: haha, whatever... lol

(14:36:17) anonymous logged out.

Never have I come across someone so... ironically biased.

Edited by blackviper8891

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BV - Why do you find that so surprising? There are many people out there that are just in a perpetual FOG!

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wow, BV you owned that. I mean you can just say things will be bad unless you see it with your own eyes. And I know you have no Bias. You just say your mind, then back it up.

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Ugh. Whoever you were speaking with needs a good whooping.

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This is what you should have said BV:

"So tell me: What's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"

Man that person is a bias idiot. Consumer Reports...lol what a tard.

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Oh, there are plenty of people like that, just go over to Toyotanation and read some of RAV4EVR's posts. I'll quote some here about the new Highlander:

When someone posted a picture of the Enclave's interior and said it was better:

Oh no please. I insist. You crack me up more... I insist... Really... Thank you..

The interior you placed above is just not the same thing. Please get your eyes checked. Next thing you are going to tell me is that it is similar because the steering is on the same side.

I thank you for placing for "this" interior here too. Makes me appreciate my 7 year old vehicle's dash better. Thank you.

BTW.. Why are the seats so ugly in this vehicle... ?

Based on new real-life pics:


It is absolutely beautiful. The lines flow. The CREASES FIT PERFECTLY.................. To say otherwise, just means a biased opinion.

About the Acadia:

That vehicle is extremely bulky looking. Looks like somebody FED it a lot and never let it exercise. Reminds me of my neighbor's cow. Are you really serious? You think that vehicle looks good? Amazing.

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This is why I love reading leftlanenews. So many people have anti-GM biases. However, I caught a really good quote earlier from their site that kind of shocked me in a Saturn Astra story by a LLN poster:

I HATE GM but i cannot sit here and say they are doing a poor job. Infact i hate to say they are doing an excellent one. Ford on the other hand needs some desperate help.

Edited by NOS2006

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teh G8 is a Bereta wit a driveshaft! It'll sux. I know, because Chevy can't make cars. Fords r quality! U kno I'm rite!

I love the way he shorthanded words in his argument. that makes him look soooo much more like the captain of the debate team.

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BV - Why do you find that so surprising? There are many people out there that are just in a perpetual FOG!

I suppose him being so off base is what surprised me... I mean, according to him the Malibu shown in Detroit is too good to be the actual one. :lol:

wow, BV you owned that. I mean you can just say things will be bad unless you see it with your own eyes. And I know you have no Bias. You just say your mind, then back it up.


Anyways, yeah... This guy is quite delusional. He's lives near me, so I could bop him over the head with an empty diet pepsi bottle if I ever need to. :P

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What a dumb f*%k. <_<:fryingpan::blink::drunk::confused0071::stupid::wacko:

GM is crap but Ford has "QUALITY"? This kid is probably like 11 years old &

has yet to ride in a car outside of his Mommy's Windstar, nevermind drive.

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Guest YellowJacket894


PM me that person's AIM screen name. I'd like to pay that person a visit this evening. :scratchchin: :AH-HA_wink:

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