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Educational levels across the various states


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OK, which state has the most degreed population?

Probably not a surpise. It's Massachusetts. 35.8 % of the adult population holds at least a bachelor's degree. (Heck, they have Harvard and MIT across the street from each other).

In general, the most degreed areas are the Northeastern states. In the list are three outliers, somewhat Western, probably because of their progressive nature or yuppie appeal...these are Colorado, Washington and Minnesota.

The least educated state is West Virginia, with 17 % of the adult population holding a degree. That's where Clarice from "Silence of the Lambs" is from. That's less than half that of Massachusetts. In general, the Southeastern states had less folks with at least a BA. Absent from the list was Georgia, probably because of the extreme yuppie factor in Atlanta. The one western state on this list should be no surprise...Nevada...chicks don't need a BA to lie on their backs to make a living at the Mustang Ranch or other cathouses, just supple pouty breasts and a firm ass that shows no hints of cottage cheese.

Posting this for no other reason than the fact that it is interesting and because I love population demographics. I could look at population numbers and stats all day long and not get bored.

Any opinions?

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This 'degree ratio' thing is pretty meaningless. I have friends with 4-year degrees working at Ruby Tuesdays. My father has mostly trade school education, yet he makes a very comfortable living and has travelled around the world back in the day as a union pipefitter. So...yeah...

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In the northeast a BA is a total prerequisit for any real white colar job.

It's becoming the same for even blue-collar jobs. Many manufacturing positions are only open to those with degrees here. My dad's been in the profession for almost 25 years now and can't find another job because he never got a degree for it. Why should you need a degree to run some presses, especially with as much experience as many of these people have?
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A degree is all well and good, but whats the percentage of people that have common sense? I bet once we got down to it we would realize that it's not at all common at all.

A chick I grew up with in LA and now lives in Oregon was accepted to UNLV and was planning to study accounting. She did not go. However, her writing is flawless (both the penmanship and the construction) and so is her logic.

The biggest dumb$h! among my friends has a BA in business. He can't write to save his life and his logic is typically faulty. But I've known him since we were kids in LA, so he's still my friend.

Your point holds water. However, I'm a bookworm, so I tend to be "degree-prone." :lol:

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I'm not surprised about the Northeast being high on the list. New York State as the SUNY (state university of New York) system and not only is it good but cheaper then a lot of the private colleges. On top of that, there is almost an over-abundance of schools that suit the needs of a variety of majors.

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Yup, and the Masters is the new BA.

Hell, I'm working on my second Masters.

So true!

BA degrees are quickly becoming the new HS Diploma. (Which is why I'm either headed for grad school or getting 2 BAs)

We were studying some stats in one of my Psych classes here and found out that something like 50% of BA grads work "dead end" hourly jobs and live at home for at least 2 years before they land career employment. And that's totally dependent upon the economy at the time as well.

The business school I'm enrolled in has a 99% job placement rate (Mainly because Charlotte is the second biggest banking city behind NY--Both Bank of America and Wachovia are headquartered here) but I'm not sure that I want to stay here, so I'm sure I'll be in that boat in a few years.

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