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neighbor's GTO plans

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Actually, this guy is a neighbor of my inlaw's. I have been admiring his spotless black GTO from a distance whenever I went over. It's a 6.0L with scoops, but it's not the Sport Appearance package grille-wise. This car has single-handedly made me slowly appreciate the GTO's styling- it's slick and thoroughly modern- which is not something I usually gravitate to.

Like I said- the car is flawless and sticks out in a rough urban neighborhood with narrow streets (he street-parks it- no driveways for many houses). Saw him checking his oil this morning and I stomped on over. Told him I liked it, asked if he had done any mods to it.

"Only flashed the computer, but I'm going to put a 455 in this year."

Making sure he wasn't referring to some specific computer part or NOOSSSSS system I would be unaware of, I begged clarification' "You mean a Pontiac 455?"

"Yea, MTI will pick it up and flatbed it to Texas, they'll change all of this {here he gestured with both palms over the open engine bay} put a 455 that makes 693 HP."

"Are you going to race it then?"

"Oh no; it's just for the street".

I was appropriately floored. I had never heard of 'MTI', but apparently it's for real > http://www.motorsporttech.com/print/mti_45...brochure01.html < , tho the site says 605 HP and 610 TRQ. Maybe there are custom options or other packages available. 700... even 600+ HP, a 2-yr warranty and a true Pontiac engine.

Just what the GTO was missing from day 1, IMO.

F'in' wOOt.

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>>"Sounds neat... but a 455 would not have helped the GTO anymore than putting a 455 Rocket into an Aurora would have helped Olds."<<

Agreed, but I'm not advocating a 455 in a modern GTO, just a true Pontiac engine- whatever it's displacement might be.

Besides, no one engine will ever be the saving grace of an entire division.

>>"Are they (MTI) using the aluminum block/heads Pontiac block that I read about a few years ago?"<<

I believe you're referring to the IA aluminum block. I would LOVE for this to appear in a 'Judge-esque' package with about 600 HP. One early build of this block at 482 CI and on 40 lbs of boost produced 2,105 ft-lb of torque and 2,886 HP @ 7200 rpm. It's complete overkill... perfect.

But no- MTI is using RPO iron 455 blocks for their builds. It's not so much the weight; block difference is only 50 lbs, just the strength of construction.

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Dear lord, now THAT is a great way to "waste" money on a modern car! :spin:

Another "if I ever win the lottery" possibility.

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