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My inner 1980s teenage girl has been taunting me these past 3-4 days.  Ive had this song in my head that long. Yes.  Yes, its true. 

We might as well compliment it with this song....I saw a commercial for the movie on some channel yesterday.  I say why fight it. Ill give in. 


Truth be told. I kinda like these songs.  I love the sax in Hungry Eyes and I love the acapella in Make Me Lose Control. Reminds me of 1960s surf music.  I guess that is what the whole purpose of the video is also. California Dreamin' with the hot bods and the hot rods and the sun and the beach.  


1980s pop.   Nothing like it!!! 



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That's it.  My next haircut:  Eric Carmen in "Make Me Lose Control".  The ladies will fall over.

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Wolves...that was a theme yesterday so...today I got wolves on my mind today.

My first Ozzy song Ive ever heard. I was but a young boy. My best friend's older brother was a huge Ozzy fan. I remember how excited he was when he got this album back in the day. 

I was just as excited when I was gifted Twisted Sister's Stay Hungry at about the same time frame. 


 And of course Duran squared

Ive had fond memories with this song. Ive attended many house and aprés ski parties in the 1990s and  for whatever reason, this song was a staple in ALL of them.   Great party song! 



And when I typed Bark at the Moon on youtube, this song came up as a suggestion.

Nothing to do with wolves, but it is the only song I like from Iron Maiden.  But then again, I never gave Iron Maiden a chance in the 1980s. Maybe its time for me to discover them???!!!  Great guitar work. Great drums. Great vocals. I wonder what was wrong with me then for not liking Iron Maiden?


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Was "across the pond" on one of those "is that a mistake?" priced tickets because it's low season.  However, the weather in the navel of the Mediterranean was in the 60s (F).  This music to accompany one of the more famous Fellini movies was probably released in the '60s as well.

"La Dolce Vita"

Pasta, palm trees, gelato, melodramatic people ...

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