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I reached a new milestone today

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schuby87    0

Ahhh yes, I remember my first 300 game like it was yesterday.... :D

I dont have too many games, but I have alot of fun with the system. Especially multiplayer games.

I have Wii Sports, Madden 2008, Zelda, and Red Steel.

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I know several coworkers who bought Wiis. They played them like crazy for the first month, then they sat and collected dust. I want a system that actually has good games that come out on a regular basis, a system that I will play for years. That's why I bought an XBOX 360 instead. Sony is pricing themselves out of the market...

I'm quite happy with my purchase, it's the best of the three systems for me. Plus it's the only American one which is nice.

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K.C.    0

I have a teenager daughter so I got it mostly for her because, like most other adults, I hate video games where you sit on your bum and push buttons. With the Wii you get up and move around, so I figured it would be some good exercise. I didnt realize I would have alot of fun playing it too. We have bowling leagues here with my daughter and her friends, my son and his new girlfriend are even getting in on the action.

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91z4me    0

I have a Wii, though not a lot of games.

I have Wii sports, Wii play, Super Paper Mario, NFS Carbon (though no D*MN Camaro concept in the game!).

I am definately getting Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii when it launches this Christmas.

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