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No B-59s were harmed in this thread...

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I've been super busy so I have not had a chance to report on my experience with the curse...

On a cold, icy road the other day, going downhill in the freezing rain

and slowing down to a stop at a red light the X-Terra in front of me

stopped very abruptly. I was about two car length's behind the

truck in my Datsun & as I slid to a stop on a sheet of ice I bumped

the X-Earth's trailer hitch with my little Maxima's headlight/blinker &

cut the top of the matte black bumper cover.

I was pissed at myself, first off I was on the clock so I HAD to get

to a delivery, and second despite absolutely no damage to her cast

iron trailer hitch my Datsun had a dented headlight surround, a cut

in the rubber bumper cover & the orange cornering lamp broke off

it's location, one of the plastic tabs was damaged.

But here's the kicker.... the woman with the X-Terra is insisting

that I somehow misaligned her FRONT fender & bumper cover.

I called the cops, one finally arrived & documented the complete

lack of damage to her truck and trailerhitch and laughed at her

insistance that I somehow managed to cause the damage to the

front of her truck.

I took photos of EVERYTHING, there was obvious damage to her

front fender, the front bumpercover was misaligned by half an inch

or so & it was rubbing up against the tire when she cut the wheel

all the way to the left. Still I dis not even scratch her trailer hitch,

my glass headlight did not even break but this broad is trying to

say I pushed the back of her truck bad enough to cause sideswipe

damage to the opposite, front corner.

So yeah, I'm agrevated but at least the damage was slight and my

Datsun took one for the team, better that car than the Mercedes

or, god forbid, the Buick.

Needless to say the next day my snow tires went on the ass end &

the newer rear set of all seasons went on the front of the car.

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I feel your pain, Sixty8.:(

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That's :bs:

Our old Silverado got hit at 45 MPH in the rear by a '67 Camaro. The hitch took all the force of the hit, aside from a rear bumper bracket that was bent.

The hitch is connected to the frame, there's no way it did that damage to the front of her Xp.o.s. (As we all know)

The Camaro in our incident got fubared though... I felt bad for it. :(

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Aye, Sixty8.... Sorry that happened to ya. At least it was the Datsun.....

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68, I am going to need some pics of the 'damage' and a diagram. I bet would could get this onto DIGG and lots of people will see how stupid this chick is! :scratchchin:

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Sorry to read about your unfortunate accident Sixty8. I hope it gets straightened out soon.

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Yeah it sucks.

Of course it was 100% my fault I bumped her but what's the point of

trying to B.S. something like this... I mean the cop even said to her

"did you get pushed into another car with your trucks front fender &

bumper when (the Datsun) bumped you?"

(trying to somehow be logical about her assertion)

She said "NO, he hit me in the rear only, but it must have been hard

enough to make my front wheels and bumper out of whack... I did

not hit anything with the front of my truck"

I'll post photos when I have a chance to download them.

Edited by Sixty8panther

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That logic is sort of a duhhh. doyyyy uhhhhhhhh.

Maybe she went to school here?


Edited by K.C.

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She might have rearended someone and did not have insurance to pay for her damages.

Was she a blonde?

Edited by smallchevy

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Was she retodded?:huh:

You'd be surprised how often ppl try something like this. And they think no one will notice it is totally prior damage. Bozos.

Edited by ocnblu

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As stupid as she was her dress & speech were quite professional.

African in race, slight accent, early 30s, chip on her shoulder.

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