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Food People Don't Like But You LOVE


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- white rice and sriracha sauce
- gardenburgers
- turkey burgers
- tofu!

... pasta with meat is so popular in these parts, is it odd that i prefer my pasta without it?  are you noticing a trend?  hmm.


ewwwww a VEGAN! :o :o :o :o :blink:
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You can make fun of me now.  I think my mind misread it and transposed the tofu there...I dunno.


i used to be a pretty strict vegetarian (i never did dig the term vegan and all the connotation, but i didn't eat meat/milk/eggs) but i was too lazy to make enough food to keep my pallette (sp) entertained, so i went back to the flesh. but i learned a lot of habits that way, a lottof em good!

i could probably be easily convinced to slip back into vegetarianism at the expense of letting a few animaly things slip in here and there. heck, chicken-eaters are starting to call themselves vegetarians! Edited by chris
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I have been known to eat some of the shittiest Chinese food known to man, namely Panda Express. They are truly disgusting, but when I have that craving for greasy nasty chow mein there's only one place to go... That said, I've found a delicious (albeit pricey) place called Wokcano that delivers...YUM though I just spent $40 on a dinner that'll last me two nights...
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Can't convince many people to get into Ethiopian food, or even falafel.


hooo, man. ethiopian food, i've gotten into it, but it got outta me pretty quick. falafel is wonderful though. i get a falafel wrap the same place i get my shawarma wraps. d'you like shawarma?
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I love brussel sprouts and parsnip, Yum!


Brussels sprouts are yummy, especially when sliced really thinly (on a mandolin), sauteed in butter and served with lime juice.

Parsnips, however, are evil.
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