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Chinese Democracy streaming on Myspace

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Listen to the whole album right now...17 years in the making and finally here


Album release Nov. 23 exclusively at Best Buy stores

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Well, I guess this means I was wrong in saying that we'd see a new VH album before Chinese Democracy.

I've heard the single on XM, and I can't say I'm totally wowed. But I've never been that much of a GnR fan to begin with.

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I've given it a decent listen-through, and he might as well just call it Use Your Illusion III; but I wasn't expecting anything different.

Axl spends way too much time wondering, even obsessing how a song will be received.

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LOL..... already made the Dr.Pepper comment elsewhere on the forum. :P

AXL ROSE is a strange bird.

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i was fresh in college and a best buy music dept manager when the GNR records came out. it was a phenomenon that was incredible. i stocked thousands of these discs. and partied hard many times at keggers to 'paradise city' etc.

and here it is like 15 years later or more (18?) and i finally the have the successor to UYI 1 and 2.

sorry, this sucks. WTF was axl thinking? i'll listen to it some more, but this is just NOT near as good.

wtf is this crap?

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My son picked the CD up about a month ago - at first listen-thru I was like, 'it's crap', but then select riffs began bouncing around in my head.... it's been 'checked on' in iTunes and it repeatedly popped up in autoplay during my nightly surfing.

Been listening to the album repeatedly for about a week now, and am finding it increasingly... infusing. Where as I would've given it an initial '4' on a 1-to-10 scale, I now see the result of a lot of work on Axl's part. Have to say I like it overall- it's won me over.

Anyone bothered to listen to more than the occasional radioplay?

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I bought it a while back. It took me a while to really get into it, but I like what I hear. It's received bad reviews because people just skim the surface and listen to it a couple times. But if you really dig deep and put it on repeat, you'll begin to catch the intricacies in guitar and Axl's introspective lyrics. So many of the lyrics seem to be Axl subliminally writing about himself. The song "Sorry" is my favorite on the disc, but the title track, IRS, and Shackler's Revenge are some other favorites.

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It's taken me time to get into, but I kind of like it with repeat listenings. Too bad no Slash, though. One track I particularly like is 'Better', for the sound and the vocals. The album as a whole has an interesting appeal to me partially because it took so long to get out..

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