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Buick Website Updated

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Wow is all I have to say.

I know it's new, but I've noticed typos, I don't care for the layout, and there's a reduction in the number of pictures they show for each model.

And only 3 of the colors available on the LaCrosse (black, light silver and brown) are the only colors you DON'T have to pay extra for.

And the price of the base LaCrosse went up by over a thousand. The price of the base Lucerne went up about 2500. You now pay over $30,000 if you want a base Lucerne that still doesn't have a telescoping steering wheel and comes with a manual a/c, while the base LaCrosse has tilt/telescopic and auto a/c. One of the pictures is of the gear selector, and the caption promotes the 4-speed auto transmission. I would have tried to sweep that little detail under the rug rather than call attention to it.

And under "Future Vehicles", we see the Invicta concept. Uh, we're not getting it like that, so why call it a "Future vehicle"? If the next gen LaCrosse is so close, why not show a little of the actual car and give some info on it that's already been released?

Sorry for ranting, it just seems like this is another nail in the coffin.

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Well they only have 3 products, 2 of which are extremely dated and uncompetitive, so it is hard to make a website look good when you don't have much to show off. Valid points though, the features on the cars are mismatched and there is too much overlap between them, much like has happened with the CTS and STS. Lack of funding and poor product planning.

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Paolino: Thank you for letting everyone know about the update.

I'm happy to see the fresh look and happy that they care enough to update it and put some sort of effort into it.

I do wish that they could have substituted the new Epsilon II LaCrosse for the "old" La Crosse, but the new one sure looks fine in the guise of the Invicta Concept - so I hope that people will click on that in the meantime.

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About g— d— time. I would hope they push pricing even higher in future.

See, I don't mind them pushing the prices higher if the content is there. But they've taken out from the product--for example, you no longer can get an auto-dimming rear view mirror on a LaCrosse unless it's a Super model. It's a premium car. That's just stupid.

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Now that GM has announced their plan to receive government assistance, I think we realize that there is no coffin for Buick now. It is a core brand that GM values. As for the old LaCrosse, the new one is a 2010 model, so it is natural for them to feature the older model as a 2009. I think there was some discussion a while back that both the old and new model would sell side by side for a while, which makes sense since the new one will have an early debut in the spring.

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Typos are the least of their worries. Why does GM/Buick continue to take web sites live that are not even complete or tested. It is missing links, text frames are dropping off, and don't even try to build a new 2009 Enclave. This is a poor image for a premium car builder. There are more internet reviews of Buicks than there are showroom reviews by far. If you can't impress them on the net, you will most likely not get them in the door. Come on Buick, get your sh-t together, we love you!

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I do think it is a mistake to feature their cars in touchhole brown. At least they lightened up the background a little. People are already tired of all the brown around, like all the kitchens and bathrooms that were done in brown and other "earth tones" in the '70's. When I was shopping late this year, I remember seeing a ton of Lucernes and Lacrosses in that touchhole brown color. It is just not a nice color. In the sun it doesn't even look good. In shade it looks like a light, washed-out shade of black. I like the Enclave brown color because it is lighter. That is a good color.

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