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Plymouth in it's heyday had huge sales, often in the top three in America. It was sad to see this brand disappear. It was created as an economy division. The name Plymouth is often thought to derive from the landing of the Pilgrims, but what finalized the deal for the name was the very popular, at the time, 'Plymouth Bindertwine'...which most people were aware of. Plymouth went onto great success.

Here are some of my favorite Plymouths.









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A favorite Plymouth style is this '65 Satellite. The '64 Fury and Belvedere had the same hardtop roofline, as did the '64 Dodge Polara and '65 Dodge Coronet. I'm a big fan of the '70-74 Cudas, '68-72 Road Runners and GTXes, and the '69-71 Sport Fury.


Here's a sweet '71 Road Runner:


Here's a sweet '71 Sport Fury GT:


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Yea- tho I prefer the pre-fuselage MoPars, the '71 SF GT gits me. Can you make it out: there's big 'G' and 'T' letters inside the hood stripes, up near the windshield, plus the long-time red, white & blue Sport Fury dashes, here atop the fenders. These details, the 8-port grille w/ covered headlights, plus shoe it with a set of those rare cast magnesium rims and a Six Pack 440 underhood - Delicious. Near the last gasp of true Mopar spirit here.



the '70 GT is sweet, too (tho I like the more intricate '71 grillework) :


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Mr. Balthazar, I can't believe I forgot about those two Plymouths, the '70 and '71.....I always liked those. And you are so right, it was the waning of the MoPar era. It was a great run.

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Fuselage Mopars are awesome! I prefer the 4-doors, esp. Imperials & Chryslers.

And as far as Pre-war cars go... 1935-1938 are all awesome!!! :wub:

The '71 Fury/Rd. Runner/GTX are some of the beefiest looking hardtop

Mopars ever... love 'em to death, esp. the fascias and squared off

wheel well openings, meantime the '41 Plymouth borrowed its front

bumper from the Y-Job.

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moltie, looking at those once-mighty Furys made me a little sick.

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I'm with O.B. on the molested Fuselage 2drs. :(

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When I was student teaching, one of my students had a VERY clean 65 Sport Fury ragtop, white on blue just like the Indy pace cars that year.

Was one of my favourite Mopars.

Also had a friend who had a 64 Sport Fury...sweet car also.


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The fuselage era Plymouths were my favorite, too. Unfortunatley, in badge engineering run amok, Plymouth got the busy end of the stick with respect to the interiors: their dashes were FUGLY and cheap looking, compared to what Chev and Ford were doing.

Sales-wise, the market seemed to agree, because Plymouth's full-sized offerings peaked in '65 or so, then plummeted, while the fuselage Chryslers sold very sell for the first couple years.

I think Dodge and Plymouth scared off a lot of potential customers with their wierd looking designs in the early '60s (not to mention the disappearance of true full sized cars in '62).

We had a '71 Duster in the family, but like Honda of today it was an engine wrapped around a mediocre body. They had horrible rust and paint problems. Good looking cars, though, IMO.

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My old gym teacher Alex Barron had one of these when I was in high school.

It was a nice looking car, dark green, two door, black vynal top, hyde-away headlights, etc.

I always enjoyed seeing that car come into the parking lot at school.


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