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Sketch Competition #28 - Pontiac Niche Vehicle


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Welcome to Sketch Competition #28!


Times are changing, and GM is on a diet and shrinking fast. Three brands have been eliminated, and Pontiac seems to have found a dead end road being named a "niche brand" and only possessing mostly pathetic excuses for Pontiacs. Only one of these cars is available as RWD with a V8. The others are badge engineered junk from Chevrolet and Toyota.

Let's make today both Pontiac's day and yours and create a real Pontiac. A niche car for a niche brand. Please design the best Pontiac in years in terms of design and powertrain. Be it a Trans Am, Firehawk, GTO, Banshee, Bonneville, or Solstice make sure this niche model has the ultimate sex appeal to sell out the vehicle's small volume within only a couple of months. Make this car has that "gotta have" desire to everybody, not just some.

Make it a Pontiac. Pontiac isn't "car" -- Pontiac is much, much more. Now is your time to prove it.

Please include at minimum 2 (two) of the following:
*3/4 Front View
*3/4 Rear View
*Interior View

**Entries without two perspectives will still be accepted, but will incur a 2-point penalty at the end of voting**

Remember, people will be voting based on the overall presentation of your entry, so the more views the better, including ones not specifically listed above.

Please adhere to the 800x600 guidelines.

Deadline is Sunday, February 8th @ 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time. (this may get extended due to number of entries)

Good luck!
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Anybody plan on doing this?

Possibly, if I can find the time. I'm also not sure if I still have my imageshack acount.

Make this car has that "gotta have" desire to everybody, not just some.

Isn't that a bit of a contradiction? By the very virtue of being a niche vehicle, means that not everybody will want it.

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OK, here's an idea I've had kicking around in my head for a while. Basically, it's a resuurection of the Fiero, only this time we drop the "commuter car" pretense, and make it a proper mid-engined sports car. It uses GM's FWD drivetrains as before, but this time, it's designed to accept a V8, or turbo V6


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Excellent design!



I think a small sedan-coupe similar to the 1 series BMW with the Turbo Ecotech and RWD would be a killer Pontiac.

Also, a GTO based on the new Camaro, since the new Camaro is roughloy the same size as an older (68-72) GTO.

Also, a real full sized Pontiac based on the Lucerne...somthing softer and more elgant than the G8.

In Victorian times, it was common to build a femininne and masculine version of the same house next to each other, to compliment each other. I would like to see the same with a Pontiac design-more free flowing and BMW like for a fullsize car (and no Pontiac should not ape BMW). But still the thumpin V8 and GXP package.


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Here's a design for a GTO, with a front end that references the early "Goats", hopefully without being too blatantly retro.


Actually to me this is futuristic, as it looks like a 2016 model.


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