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To Saturn, or Not To Saturn?


2009 Saturn OUTLOOK  

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  1. 1. Do I buy an OUTLOOK or pass on it?

    • I say go for it!
    • I say turn the other way and don't look back.
    • I'm neutral - it can be a good or bad decision.

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My Saturn dealership has been contacting me a lot over the last two months, wanting me to "trade-out" of my AURA for a new Saturn of my choosing. While I like the VUE, the OUTLOOK would be the Saturn vehicle I'd go with. Please vote and let me know what I should do. Feel free to post your thoughts after voting too.

(Note: this is in no way a sure-fire purchase for me, I'm just curious as to what people think about buying a new Saturn vehicle)

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Personally I see no down side to this. If you have the steady job, can afford the payment and want a new auto, then go for it as there is plenty of great options and deals out there. Plus your own buying does keep people working so you are helping keep the economy moving.

Please post pics of the new ride if you do it, would love to see what you choose and in what color. :D

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Thanks for the replies and votes so far. Keep them coming!

Again, I'm not saying I'm running out anytime soon to buy an OUTLOOK. I've been getting atleast 2 e-mails and 1 written letter per week from my dealership "encouraging" me to consider getting out of my lease early for a new 2009 Saturn vehicle while the "incentives have never better". I'm figuring if the incentives are good enough, the interest rate is 0%, and they're willing to waive my remaining lease payments (the current pull-ahead program takes care of 2 payments, so I'll see if the dealer will take care of the other 2 I have), I might as well see what kind of deal I could work out on an OUTLOOK. The problem is that I'd want a XR model, but could live with a FWD model, and I'm sure any OUTLOOK I'd want will sticker for over $33k (and unless the deal was too good to pass up, I'd be hard pressed not to see what I could get a G8 for).

The wife and I have been wanting a "people mover", and with last week's wake-up call with my dad I want to start doing some more travelling with my family and my parents, and a 7 or 8 passenger CUV would fit the bill. Otherwise, if the OUTLOOK or G8 don't pan out, I'll continue to wait to the fall and see what I can do about getting a 2010 GMC Terrain or Acadia (not likely on the Acadia though at that time).

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I voted "no". They're giant and they're Saturns. If a people mover you want what is, I'd say go for a new Terrain. More manageable to drive, better fuel mileage, with two rows of seating... do you really need 3 rows?
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truth is there is prob no better road trip vehicle on the market than the lambdas. this coming from a taurus x owner. taurus x is more sedan nimble. but overall the lambdas are the only real decent family hauler choice that is not a minivan. its sylish and roomy and has cargo space. (the cx9 is useless as a road trip vehicle).

i have test driven the g8 in v6 form and GT v8 form and while its a nice drive, its not going to replace a hauler on a road trip. the aura you might have now is a good car, but does not have amenities of the outlook.

the outlook handles well for a vehicle its size, but is not a sedan. basically its a simple question, do you want to hold out for a better sedan, with limited function....or do you take advantage of a good time to buy on a new family friendly hauler.

and what does it cost you. i would say a g8 in any form is not going to be much cheaper to run than the outlook. they will get about the same mpg either way. the g8 will be a bit less to insure. the outlook will be better in crappy weather. both vehicles will have great passenger space but the outlook will have superior function.

in my opinion, the interior where you spend more time, the outlook is better.

really, having driven all three, if you were intending to get the g8 v6, i'd say don't waste your time on it. the outlook is faster actually. if you are talking g8 gt even then i would say the whole feature set of the outlook is better unless you are deathly tied to having a sedan.

the g8 is a great car, but unless you can get the GT at a minimum, and get all you want with it, then get something your whole family can enjoy more.....the outlook.

don;t underestimate the value of getting out of a lease scot free, and reselling a lambda vs. a g8, i think the lambda will have a better chance of selling private party than trying to trade in a g8. family vehicles are more in demand than RWD vehicles, or large obscure sedans.

trump card. you might enjoy the g8, the whole fam will enjoy the outlook.

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