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What on Earth is a GMC Granite?


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Well? Can anyone explain?

Orlando based compact CUV according to Autoblog. I think it may the boxy gray concept that was seen in the styling studio pics a while back..

GMC Granite

From the Autoblog article:

It seems as though it's just about impossible to keep an embargo in place these days. A Canadian outlet just spilled the beans on a couple of GM reveals set for Detroit next month. They say they were invited to a sneak preview Wednesday evening and although they couldn't take pics, they felt free to tell us about the whole array of models. Some have been loosely-guarded secrets, but a couple are unknowns, so we'll quote CanadianDriver on those until we get confirmation from GM.

Apparently, The General will have a slew of new model introductions in the D next month, including the much-anticipated Camaro Convertible, the new, upsized Aveo, a substantially-revised Malibu, production versions of the Spark and Orlando, and two models we hadn't heard about until now: A GMC version of the Orlando dubbed the Granite, and a "sport version of the Buick Regal" that should get "many of its performance parts from the 325-hp Opel Insignia OPC." Hot dog, the Regal GS is apparently more than a wet dream. Bring on the Stage 1 and GNX.

The Regal was just introduced in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, so the announcement of a performance model so soon thereafter seems a little strange -- not that we're complaining, mind you. The Granite is described as an "urban utility vehicle" and will be the smallest model in GMC's history. A Denali edition can only be around the corner. We'll get you more details as they are released and we'll be sure to have the whole field covered when the Big Top opens at Cobo in January.

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Rebadging gone bad. Why make a vehicle that competes with Chevy, dumb move.

This sounds like isn't necessarily a rebadge, but potentially as differentiated from the Orlando as the Terrain is from the Equinox. Also gives BG dealers a Vibe replacement.

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Rebadging gone bad. Why make a vehicle that competes with Chevy, dumb move.

If the GMC gets SUV like "Tall-boy" proportions how will it be rebadging? It will be completely different than more minivan-ish Orlando. Wait till you see the product before commenting. Everything is called CUV these days from CRV to M-Class.

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Same concave hood, similar fender lines

The GMC is Delta II sized. Could the GMC be a little more HHR like as in different to try to retain those who that bought the HHR and Soul to avoid the appliance look?

I still want to know about the car to the left behind the Malibu nose just out of this picture. It is a Caddy Sedan but what is it?

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I believe Drew has it right. It appears to be the Granite, when compared to Tony. And I'm a little scared, based on the screengrab. What is the purpose of those gills under the headlights? Yikes, I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks.

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Only thing that worries me is what's behind the A-pillars: I sincerely hope it's not a photocopy of the Orlando's design.

I agree I want to see what else there is. If it is a clone I will not be happy. I Expect it will be different than the Orlando based on GM's other models.

Also the nose will most I expect will have some show car element to it so it is subject to change a little too. grills can come driving lights or other kinds of panels. Note the Orlando is going to change a little too.

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