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Challenger recieves more attention

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^_^ . What else is there to say? Funny, but not important. This is a Why-The-F is this news sort of thing. I'd rather see something about those Ethiopian villagers that were toasted by a volcano's lava flow. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't Erta Ale, either.

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Show officials are trying to learn who sneaked a tipsy blond woman onto the Cobo Center show floor about 2:30 a.m. Monday to pose nude atop the new Dodge Challenger.

Well, supposedly here is one of the pictures

Considering there is people walking around in the back ground. . . It's a chop. Nobody was there at 2AM.

Im really surprized this happened considering all the security that is at Cobo. . . this must have been done by someone who works for the security company.

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THat picture is from this article:


with the title:  "What she might have looked like..."

Yeah, sorry.....I just found that too. I just posted the image link from another forum.

They did a good job with the reflection on the hood though.

Edited by BrewSwillis

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Well, here's the next chapter. Doesn't seem like a publicity stunt anymore. If it was, I don't think they'd want this kind of attention:

Report: Naked Woman At Auto Show Drugged

Lawsuit May Be In The Works, Local 4 Learns

POSTED: 10:56 pm EST January 19, 2006

A woman who reportedly stumbled out of a Detroit bar in the early hours of Monday morning and then posed naked on a Dodge Challenger concept car at Cobo Center may not have been aware of what she did.

Sources told Local 4 Thursday that the same men who ogled and photographed her after hours at the North American International Auto Show may also have drugged her.

Local 4 was also informed that one of the men was a Metro Services employee, a company that hires Auto Show help.

Local 4's Jeff Vaughn asked Anthony Turner, of Metro Services, if he knew if the man, an electrician for the company, was fired.

"I have no knowledge of it. I wasn't here," said Turner.

Local 4 also learned that the electrician who was able to gain access into Cobo during off hours was represented by the union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union No. 58.

Local 4 asked one of the union representatives if there had been any disciplinary action against the man or others involved in the incident.

"I am not aware of any individuals who have been disciplined or fired as it results to the incident," said Kenith Briggs, IBEW Local 58.

Cobo Center security is confirming only that the "breach of security" happened, and believe that the woman may have been drugged and was an unwilling participant.

Local 4 learned that many men gathered around the woman as she posed on the automobile and took pictures. None of the photographs have surfaced.

Guards found the woman and about a dozen onlookers taking photographs with camera phones.

Local 4 reported that the woman may be contemplating a lawsuit and has already retained an attorney.

The North American International Auto Show wants to make it clear that the incident has nothing to do with the show itself and it is a family-friendly environment.


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Chapter 3, I guess:

Posted Image

Woman Dispels Rumors Of Naked Auto Show Photos

'Danielle' Says She Did Not Undress

POSTED: 9:26 am EST January 26, 2006

A woman at the center of rumors she posed naked after hours at the North American International Auto Show at Cobo Hall said she did not undress.

"I was never naked. I was never on top of the car," said the woman, who was only identified as "Danielle."

Rumors began circulating last week of a woman who posed nude atop the Dodge Challenger concept car after employees let her inside, Local 4 reported. Rumors continue to circulate that photos of the woman were taken and posted on the Internet. There were also reports that the woman may have been drugged before the incident occurred, according to the station's reports.

Danielle said she was at the Auto Show, but was wearing "a mini-skirt, a sheer shirt, a sweater dress, heels."

Danielle met several men who worked at the Auto Show while at the Anchor Bar located near Cobo Hall, Local 4 reported. She said the men asked her if she wanted to see the cars, so she went to Cobo Hall.

The woman said she did see the Dodge Challenger concept car, but she only sat inside the vehicle and looked at the interior.

"It was blown completely out of proportion after I started seeing it on the news," said Danielle.

Attorney Charlie Langton said, "It probably is a story just because when you talk about nudity, you talk about the Auto Show, cars and sex, I guess, go together. But when you really boil it down to the real basics of it, there's just really not much there."

No legal action is planned, Local 4 reported. Danielle said she hopes the employees who let her into the show are not fired, the station reported.

Danielle said she does not want the rumors to turn her into a modern-day Tawny Kitaen, who is infamous for posing on the hood of a car in a Whitesnake music video in the 1980s, Local 4 reported.

Previous Stories:

January 19, 2006: Report: Naked Woman At Auto Show Drugged

January 18, 2006: Woman Who Posed Naked At Auto Show Investigated

Copyright 2006 by ClickOnDetroit.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Sounds fishy to me?

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Sounds fishy to me?

Sounds? Don't you mean smells? :ph34r:

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i don't know if you folks noticed this but her reflection is on the hood of the car.

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yea good photoshopping/photoshopper

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