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  1. It would be nice to see a more youthful and athletic looking Avalon. Oh, yeah, it needs more than 275 HP. AWD would be a good idea as well.
  2. Happy Birthday jry!

  3. I talked to one of the Volt guys today at the NAIAS. Bank on it. Although there was a bit of the nudge nudge, wink wink stuff..... He was pretty excited to not talk about the final price but wanted to make sure i paid attention to the soon coming price announcement. My guess..... Write it down..... $32,000.00. I said to them that its probably time to get these on the road and beat the crap out of them and he said that is exactly what is going on. Keep your eyes peeled, you'll be seeing them on the road.
  4. jry

    Spied: '11 Grand Cherokee

    That is great work. Isn't it suppose to be larger than the current model? I am not seeing it in the photos but they can be misleading.
  5. jry

    0-Day 4-Door Wrangler Supply?

    especially since they showed it for the first time over, what, 4 years ago in detroit?
  6. jry

    Al Gore and American Auto Companies

    yup, old al in living in the 70's still. he is loyal to toyota now but nissan is the big dog in Nashville, aren't they?
  7. jry

    Chrysler Cuts Will Bind It More to Benz

    This was the plan all along. who knows, in a year or so, they'll probably just drop the chrysler monniker. dodge and jeep, too. the division where benz dumps its old or castoff technology, to maximize profits.
  8. jry

    GM shares shoot up 2.10!

    Caddy fan is right. Bowel Movement, i mean buick man, is sounding desperate. GM's stock will continue to do a decent rise. Ford? not so sure. some folks are saying they cannot go any lower. i don't see much hope for them in the short term. At least Steve Wilson at channel 7 in detroit shamed mark into dropping the weekly corporate jet commute from florida to detroit. that is a drop in the bucket compared to where ford is hemmoraging. ran into a guy at the bank yesterday that took his buyout. left wixom and took the $$. in his early 50's and really still wants to work. sad.
  9. jry

    In Praise of the Pontiac Aztek

    you couldn't pry my daughters 2001 aztek out of her hands. she'll wear this out and buy another one on the used market. as long as she can find good used ones, she will continue to drive an aztek. i have driven the aztek, its pretty neat.
  10. jry

    2007 Chrysler Sebring Convertible

    the VW looks a little better than this. top down? not bad. but, a convertible should look good with the top up as well. and, yes, drop the stupid ribbing on the hood.
  11. jry

    Ford Mulling European Exports to US

    another merkur?counteracting saturns use of vehicles from adam opel ag?
  12. jry

    Has anyone ever seen this Hummer concept before?

    ditto, kind of young for that job.
  13. jry

    GM Responds to Roadster Complaints

    as good as their response is, they should have figured those things out before the launch. i hate buying a car, only to have the flaws fixed in the next model year. what do they expect me to do, trade it in after a year? who would want my used XXXX, when the next model year has the much needed improvements.
  14. jry

    Escalade EXT-A three-ton, $54,000 mullet

    the guy is probably pissed because he can't buy one. i miss my ext. i'll probably dish off the hummer to my wife and get another ext. "hogging valuable parking spaces".... it's a pretty darn good use of a space, if you ask me.
  15. jry

    Proof young people sure must hate Buicks...

    different strokes........... i like wheels but those just do not fit.

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