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$1900, but not a truck

Drew Dowdell

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Found this on Craigslist:

1993 Buick Park Ave Ultra - $1900 - 57,000 miles

I got the address and it's still available. It's only about 15 minutes from my house. I'm going to look at it this evening. The guy says it has a small exhaust leak and the transmission cooler line is leaking, but those are the only known issues.

Opinions? Things to look for?

I know it's not a truck, but it's cheap and with only 57k miles it'll probably have a lot of life left in it. I could still use the CRV if I need to haul something large, but all of my tools would still fit in the trunk.





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Those are solid cars we've had 5 in my family and they just keep going & going (Eveready Bunny)I've seen 500K miles on the original engine traded to Reichart Buick while I watched"We thought we should get a new car at .5 milion miles but its been such a good car what do you think " to the salesman. Look for burnt tranny fluid & old black Dexcool II also take a can of WD40 to the intake gaskets & manafold thats the only real problems I can think of. You should also look at Consumer Guide .com for recall history or any other site with that info.

Best of luck on your hunt but you will be well served with the BPO full sized offerings series II are the best non premium gas engines that GM built other than Small Blocks hell maybe better!

Did I just say that? Oh well :smilewide:

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Unfortunately, for me, this is a definite "NO". It's in really good shape for a $1900 car, but it's been heavily smoked in.... even the rear ash trays are full... the ash trays have ash trays.

Never been a smoker, never will. I don't think I could ever get it clean enough.

At this point, unless I were to gut the interior, the only thing this Buick is good for now is hauling slag.

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I'd agree. It's just too hard to get out.....

Deep clean the carpet, seats, and headliner, use some dish-washing liquid and bleach on the ashtrays, clean the glass off really well, and hang a pine tree on the rear-view.

It works. Trust me.

I smoke occasionally in the Camaro and this is what I've done and will do yearly to keep the smell out. Non-smokers can't tell or smell it.

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That's a dirty rotten shame... I loved that color combo and I LOVED that car when I was little. It's too bad that you can't get a nice rich green on a Buick or Cadillac from GM anymore, accompanied by a great Tan leather interior. Good thing Lincoln still provides that service on the MKZ and MKS with the lovely olive wood- really nice.

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