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Frisky Dingo

Would You Rather: Domestic Combination Edition

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We're going with a couple of err....couples this time around. Each pairing will have a lesser, more usable option and high performance sports/super car option. However, there's a catch. There is a delta between each of those respective options.


So, would you rather....



Combo 1-

Cadillac CTS 3.6 (trim, drive and options of your choice)



C7 Corvette Z06 (body style, trims, and trans of your choice)








Combo 2-

Ford Focus SE (body style and powertrain of your choice)



Ford GT




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The Corvette would be the only one I would actually want in my driveway. The GT is too much of an exotic and not very useable day to day, not much of a luxury car guy so actually owning a CTS has zero appeal even though I like it, and I would honestly prefer to go to the dentist and get an eye tooth pulled than drive a fairly base Focus.


Since we have seen the Focus, also seeing the tooth extraction in the effort to be fair;

If I were forced to take the CTS I would take it to the Subaru dealer and trade it on a WRX STI immediately.

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Ahhhh! I want that GT so bad! But I think daily driving a CTS would be soooo much more enjoyable than dailying a Focus with that junk transmission. Plus, it isn't just a regular Vette, it's a Z06!

After loading up a CTS.. I will easily take the CTS and Z06 over the Focus and GT. I also think I will get more use out of the Z06 than I would the GT. If it would have even been a Fusion it would have been a tougher decision but a Focus.. nahhhhh.

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I mean, all you people have to do on this one is literally pick one or the other. Pretty easy.





After some thought, I think I'd go with the GM duo. The GT is almost enough to tempt me, but the prospect of having the top down on my Z07-spec Vert C7Z and listening to that V8 roar paired with the lux factor of the CTS is too great. Sorry, Ford.

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3 hours ago, A Horse With No Name said:

The Corvette is really the crown Jewel here!

It really is. And if it was just a "regular" vette I think it would have been enough to sway me to the GT and Focus but a Z06 is a giant killer. Z06 competes with cars 2-4 times it's price in any performance metric you choose.

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Im with Mr. Nameless Horse on the CTS.

I like but Im not sure Id buy one. Annnnnd, about the Vette. Neither the Ford GT or the Vette are my style of cars. Both are great for what they do, but Im not a buyer in this market.

My battle resides with the sedans.

Because Id rather the CTS over the Focus, I choose the CTS/Vette combo.


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