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Ram News: Spying: 2019 Ram 1500 Shows Off Its Mega Cab

William Maley

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The current Ram 1500 has been with us since 2009 and it is clear that it needs a major overhaul in light of the updated Ford F-150 and upcoming redesigns of GM's half-tons. We now have gotten our first look at the next-generation model - codenamed DT.

Ram has gotten this mule fully covered up, but we can make out some key details. It looks like Ram is going evolutionary in terms of the 1500's design with the blunt shape and crosshair grille. The mule seen here is the Mega Cab variant with its larger rear doors.

The spy shots given to Car and Driver also give us a good idea of what changes are taking place inside. It appears that Ram is getting the newest version of UConnect along with redesign controls for the audio and climate system. Towards the bottom of the center stack, you can make out a set of aeronautical-style switches and the rotary gear selector.

In terms of engines, the next-generation 1500 will retain the 3.6L V6 and 5.7L HEMI V8. Rumor has it that the V6 could get direct-injection. The fate of the EcoDiesel appearing the next-gen pickup depends on the legal proceedings dealing with illegal software on the current EcoDiesel engine.

Expect to see the debut of the next Ram 1500 sometime next year.

Source: Car and Driver

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Clearly see the family connection as that dash is a clear clone of the Jeep Wrangler dash. FCA clearly is not bothering to even try covering up the rebadge.

Over all, except for hard core Ram fans, I doubt this will do anything to help gain sales. I also doubt we will see a diesel in the first year at least.

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IMHO, little more than the basic design themes will stay.  this is certainly going to be evolutionary, but look at the current and gen Silverado or current and last gen, and heck, the gen before on the F-series.  Same design themes all the way.  As for interiors, Canyon/Colorado/Silverado/Sierra/tahoe, etc, etc have pretty well identical interiors. 

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11 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

I thought crosshair grille was going away. 

Looks like it from the pictures, I do not see the crosshair  grille.

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