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Tesla Cuts Jobs Again

Drew Dowdell

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Following a dismal fall in sales in the previous two quarters, Tesla has sacked several dozen employees in stores in Chicago, New York, and Tampa last week according to a report in Bloomberg.  These cuts are the latest in a series of cuts to Tesla's retail staff that Tesla had announced earlier in the year.  At first, Tesla had announced it would close most of its retail locations and moving to an entirely online retail model. They later changed course and dialed back the reductions with the caveat that some locations would still be closing. Tesla then raised the prices on the more expensive Model 3 trims 

Most of the cuts came from staff who hold the position of Inside Sales and their managers. Inside sales teams reach out to potential buyers and stimulate interest with test drives. 

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Not so sure Tesla is going about this in the best way. They need boots on the ground to stimulate excitement and that Apple product release type carnival atmosphere to drive their sales right now. Apple lost its mojo I believe and Tesla could lose it too if they do not watch it.

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On 4/11/2019 at 10:46 PM, regfootball said:

a glimpse of how corporate stores could be.  would you rather have the overlords up high pulling your strings, or would you rather the dealer magnate guy do it

Doesn't matter... the little guys are always going to get stepped on

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12 hours ago, Drew Dowdell said:

Doesn't matter... the little guys are always going to get stepped on

truth each way.  in the end, how retail sales should come down to what the customer wants.  which is probably a blow up and reinvention of how these things are sold.  I'd like to go into a place that sells cars, get the keys to drive whatever i want, without a salesperson dogging me (if i choose...and keep in mind i've been that guy that has to blanket the annoyed customer the whole time).  Then, i would be completely fine picking a car, by myself if i want, sitting down at a kiosk, and having real numbers given to me for lease vs. buy at a farily educated guess before i even get asked for a credit app.  If i want to compare the lease payments on three vehicles and see all the incentives in play, i can see that on a screen, i don't need an escort to do that.  that said, having been the sales guy, there is a large part of the population that cannot function and needs to be led in that way.

someone should create a large place where you can get a yearly test drive membership....pay a fee and have reasonable access to test drive new demo vehicles of pretty much most stuff available.  Without getting harassed all the time.  I would pay money for that ability.

Then, i could decide what i like, go back to the screen and see real pricing and make a decision that way.

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