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While sitting at a light I saw this clean '66 Ford F100 at a gas station..just out of the picture to the left behind a bus stop was a turquoise '66 Mustang convertible and a primered 1950-ish Chevy panel truck.  Also saw a clean white w/ white interior '74 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible in traffic, rolling top down on this unseasonable 90 degree afternoon...


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This showed up at my buddy's shop the other day, owner wants to get it running. Obviously has been in a garage; last registered in 1974, the odometer shows 56,xxx miles. Stovebolt 6, 3-spd manual and

w00t! I got a Camaro convertible for my rental car here in Texas. 

again... people should only be using superchargers when they have less range than it will take them to get home. It is an entirely wrong mindset to unplug your car from your house, go to Mejier or wha

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18 hours ago, balthazar said:

Took this hooptie for a ride today. Boss-maro!


That is a '74.  Those are easy to tell apart compared to '75 to '77.  They had the much improved canted back front end yet lacked the wraparound rear back lite.

Yesterday morning:

A 1979 to 1983 vintage Cadillac Eldorado - white - white padded landau - burgundy leather interior, on a major bridge, but going about 45 mph when everyone else was doing 60 mph.  I could not see the engine badge but, whatever it had under the hood, it should have been able to do 60 mph.  It was in good condition.

Yesterday afternoon:

Those rare but unremarkable jelly bean Ford Thunderbird coupes from around '86 to '88.  Again, it was white and may also have had a burgundy interior.  A friend of mine in Atlanta had one of these and, while his parents were driving it across Texas, it overheated and warped the head gasket (Ford 3.8 V6 with cast iron block and aluminum heads).  It was cruising along nicely at 65 mph.  It was in fair condition.

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Just saw another Audi e-tron, they are becoming very common now around here. This one had a guy I figure to be in his 50's and he was not shy about giving it acceleration, it flew. Very cool to see them more than the Tesla X.

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Saw this Transit at a light...license plate 'UGHAVAN'... heh-heh.  Also saw a solid yellow w/ white top '74-ish 2dr AMC Hornet w/ vintage red Arizona license plates. 


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8 minutes ago, Drew Dowdell said:

A brand new Volvo S90 with a bashed in grille just about 50 yards past a flattened fawn.  I guess automatic emergency braking wasn't an option he opted for. 

Ick...always watching out for deer in my neighborhood... lots of woods and lots of deer going through the yards and families of them crossing the street.. 

Here's a video of some deer wandering in my driveway yesterday afternoon...

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This morning, I saw a Pontiac Sunfire coupe.  It was in the light bronze color.  If it was sharing colors with the GP back in the day, I'm going to guess this was an '02 or '03.  Maybe older. Except for some small dings on the lower part of the fenders, this thing was in great shape, as was the interior.  It had a sunroof.  And, since the shifter showed D-3-2-1, it appears to have been a 4 speed automatic.  I still see a lot of Aleros, but rarely do I see these strange birds.  I'm thinking power was supplied by either a 2.4 or a 2.2.

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On 10/4/2019 at 5:17 PM, dfelt said:

Have not seen this era of Mustang in a long time. LX Mustang.




Reminds me of my college car, an '86 LX..though mine was gray and didn't have a luggage rack.  Here's a pic of mine along w/ my '87 GT, taken about 30 years ago...


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I was disappointed.  As I was leaving, they uncovered them—3 Wranglers with Michigan Mfgr plates.  But the cowl area was covered over.  And lots of cables inside.  Maybe the diesel or PHEV out being tested?  Or the rumored future straight six? 

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Saw a new Supra in red this weekend....had a long weekend getaway to Ann Arbor, Mi and spent time wandering the U of Michigan campus, the town and the area...seeing what has changed in the 20+ years since I lived there.  Lots of nostalgia..and sunny but cool fall weather.

Saw an eclectic mix of vehicles on Hwy 23 in Michigan south of Ann Arbor--going northbound in about 5 min I saw a white Lexus LF-A, a yellow Lexus LC, and a new Supra in bright red.   On the Ohio Turnpike saw a car hauler with 4 new green Buillitt Mustangs and other new Mustang GTs incl. a red convertible.  Saw a dark green w/ white bumpers and grille '57 Ford F100 style side in good shape on another car hauler. 

Closer to home, I saw a clean dark gray '85-86 Olds 98 4dr parked w/  'FOR SALE' and 'DIESEL' signs..

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