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Industry News: Canoo Pricing, Accessible For Everyone - Promises Kept!


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Canoo is excited to announce their preorder reservation system is now open with a minimal $100 deposit. Canoo Inc. has stated that their first BEV will be their Lifestyle vehicle launching in 2022 with a targeted pricing of starting from $34,750 and rising to $49,950 for delivery, base and premium models before incentives or optional equipment. Pickup Truck and MPDV scaled production are scheduled to begin in early 2023.


CEO and Executive Chairman of Canoo Inc. Tony Aquila states the following: “It’s no longer a question of whether America will go EV – but when. Our line-up is future-forward and succeeds where others have struggled: Giving people the EV that works smarter for them at a price that can work for their budgets. That’s why we are designing for flexible use cases and focused on productivity solutions,” “We are designing for people who work hard, play hard and need something reliable, that will last and give you value. We’re for the 99% not the 1%. Our vehicle line-up is built for the backbone of America – to give you value so you can work smarter.” 


Designed as a cabin forward to maximize interior space and function with exportable power and customization options is what the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is all about. Available in four trims: base, premium, adventure and Lifestyle Vehicle Delivery. The Lifestyle Vehicle is the ultimate multi-tasker designed for the family that is constantly on the go. Without the need for an engine compartment, the Lifestyle Vehicle features the unique street view window for improved driver visibility.

The Adventure trim has more ground clearance with a muscular profile. The bumpers are enhanced along with the auto having metal skid plates added for increased vehicle durability.

Canoo's signature headlights and taillights serve as a core brand identifiers without the need for a logo.

The companies proprietary and highly versatile multi-purpose platform architecture will under pin all models from the Canoo lineup of BEVs. The Lifestyle Vehicle has the interior space of a large SUV with an exterior footprint of a compact car and is made for urban, adventure, families, fleet, ride hailing and more.

Anticipated specifications:

  • 300 hp
  • 332 lb-ft of torque
  • 250 miles of battery range


Ready for work or play, the electric pickup truck is an ALL-AMERICAN made cabin-forward, steer-by-wire technology design built on their modular multi-purpose platform architecture. The truck has an extendable flatbed that Canoo believes will compete with America's best selling pickup trucks on a smaller footprint allowing for an easier to maneuver and more convenient to drive. The pickup truck was designed for all users with features that work from on-site jobs to out in the woods comfort. Exportable power, advanced exterior lighting, fold down worktable, cargo storage, flip-down side-tables, sidesteps and storage, extendable bed with space dividers and multi-accessory charge ports.

Anticipated specifications:

  • AWD or RWD motor configurations
  • 500 plus HP
  • 550 lb-ft of torque
  • Payload capacity of 1,800 lbs.,
  • 200 plus miles battery pack range


The MPDV or Multi-purpose delivery vehicle is designed to maximize return on investment for a wide range of commercial customers (fleets) and yet still keeps small business and families in mind depending on configuration.

The MPDV was built with last-mile delivery companies in mind initially. High efficiency with class leading cargo space offer cost savings allowing businesses to reinvest and thrive. From independent contractors, tradespeople, utilities, service technicians and more.

Bi-directional onboard charging maximizes functionality and transforms the BEV into a power plant for equipment and tools that can be powered even in remote destinations. The vehicle was designed to accommodate workstations to store and access a variety of devices, products and equipment.

Depending on configuration, anticipated specifications:

  • 200hp
  • 236 lb-ft of torque
  • 250 miles battery pack

Pricing, features, and performance metrics are all estimated and can change. Final vehicle specifications will be revealed at production launch.

Promises Kept – Canoo Pricing For Lifestyle Vehicle Is Accessible For Everyone | Press | Canoo

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8 minutes ago, balthazar said:

I see Canoo is under a full SEC investigation...

Yes, seems all the EV startups that are going the SPAC route to public trading are being reviewed by the SEC as they do not want another Nikola issue. Lordstown is also under the same SEC fact finding investigation.

One thing I do find interesting is that the new CEO replaced the past existing CEO last month for undisclosed reasons, but the old CEO was in the office on a morning and by that afternoon was out of a job and off the company property. Something clearly was up there. Be interesting to see where it ends.

Electric Vehicle Startup Canoo’s CEO Discloses SEC Investigation - Bloomberg

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14 minutes ago, surreal1272 said:

The "pick up" is actually kind of neat (reminds me to the VW microbus with PU beds) but the rest is a mess IMO.


I can see how it does have it's messy points, but then it also truly stands out from the other trucks with a clear idea of functional lifestyle living. I would like to see one in person and sit in one as it might just be a very roomy, versatile auto for the suburban family.

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1 hour ago, balthazar said:

MAN!! is press release copywriting money well spent on you!! 🤣

I do work in technical marketing! :P 

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2 hours ago, balthazar said:

I would've thought that would mean you could read thru that sort of fluff & misdirection.

Naw, just reporting their words, no need to redesign their message. :P 

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8 minutes ago, regfootball said:

built in USA?

Yes, Canoo is based out of LA and has secured manufacturing space in California.

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On 5/19/2021 at 4:10 PM, surreal1272 said:

The "pick up" is actually kind of neat (reminds me to the VW microbus with PU beds) but the rest is a mess IMO.



I forgot that these even existed.    I havent seen that many in my lifetime, maybe 2. Or was it the same one that I saw twice. I saw it when I was a kid.  Anyway, thanx for the blast from the past!  

EDIT:  Yeah, not that you need any validation from me, but the Canoo version DOES look a lot like the Veedub!  

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