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Corvette C8 Z06 1st official tease

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10 hours ago, oldshurst442 said:


 The saviour of the 911 WAS the 959 that injected new technologies into the car invigorating new interest into the 911 AWAY from such new entries as an NSX or Viper or F355 and Testarossa and even the McLaren F1.  


Cadillac to spawn a car above a Corvette will just fail. Because it does not have the cred to have such a car.  

Lexus failed.  Acura failed.

This part, the 959 was one as a halo above the 911, that tech trickled down.  The F40, F50, Enzo, LaFerrari, done as projects above the Testarossa, 430, 458, etc.  Dual purpose, builds the brand image, then tickles down the tech.  GM doesn't have this.  Doesn't mean they need it just because others did it, but I like that strategy.

The LFA at least from an engineering standpoint got them the GS-F, IS-F V10 cars that followed.  Lexus and Acura don't know how to do performance like the Germans, and they didn't go all in, that's why they failed.  Cadillac doesn't have to fail just because they did, if Cadillac builds a half assed sports car like the XLR it will fail, if they build the next Bugatti Veyron or next McLaren F1 then it won't be a failure.

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3 hours ago, David said:

I actually am because if it and the Tesla Roadster show up, it will start to launch EV sports cars and we need more EV options other than $100k+ big sedan and small crossover or full size pick up truck.  There are a lot of body styles, price points and vehicle types that aren't even being explored with EV yet.

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10 hours ago, smk4565 said:

Dual purpose, builds the brand image, then tickles down the tech.  GM doesn't have this.

Are you high? No trickle down tech at all? Not a single thing? Guess all those GM racing programs are just for $h!s and giggles?


I'm guessing it never occurred to you that there is more than one way to pass down this tech. You don't have to waste money on a niche super volume car that only 50 people can afford when you have a proven formula behind other programs that lend this trickle down tech.


And let's not forget, since you brought up the 959, that a fair number of the hypercars and such are not even legal in this country. Why would GM aspire to that exactly? From the 959 to the AMG Project One, these provide some sizzle and bragging rights for said companies but what good is it if you can't even sell them in a large portion of the industrialized world? Why would GM EVER want to gamble with that when their racing programs already fill the "trickle down tech" void?

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Just a small sample of past super and hyper cars that never made it here yet SMK insists that GM produce their own legal risk on wheels.






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