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Genesis News: FUTURING Genesis for Sustainability


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Genesis focus on bringing positive changes to customers lives has been their moto since the launch in 2015. Today's drivers are making more responsible choices towards a better future, Genesis is setting a new direction to create a better sustainable driving future.


Genesis under their sustainable future revealed the following:

  • Electrification blueprint of it's entire vehicle lineup
  • Dual electrification strategy, all new vehicles will be pure electric starting in 2025 with both fuel cell and battery EVs.
  • Genesis plans to become 100 percent zero emission vehicle brand by 2030 with an aim to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Genesis has stated they are once again starting an audacious journey to a sustainable future. This started with their current intensive, bold and successful journey establishing themselves as a true global luxury brand.

Genesis using their first dedicated electric vehicle based E_GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) is proud to introduce their first electric vehicle, the GV60.


Genesis has a signature Two Lines design theme that we will see through out their product portfolio moving forward and as we saw in the video above and in the conversations between Global Head of Genesis Jay Chang and Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke as they explore the company's move to electrification.

Starting with the GV60, Genesis will continue to provide sincere interactions with its customers through its EV lineup and for its drivers as a luxury brand. The company sees the new electric lineup as an exciting platform to improve the way it interfaces with customers, while Genesis’ new architecture will integrate audacious technologies and breathtaking designs into its vehicles, providing truly detail-oriented experiences.

Genesis is making their Crystal Sphere a key part of the all new electric portfolio. This is a safety feature that clearly indicates whether the vehicle is turned on or not. The Sphere will also not rotate into driving mode if the auto is still plugged in for charging. A kind reminder of the current status of the auto says Genesis.

Configurable mood lighting with the Crystal Sphere is the obsession of Genesis ensuring safety and function wrapped up in emotional beauty, their obsession to the very last detail.

Here we see the Genesis emphasize on "Beauty of White Space" for the interior and "Athletic Elegance" for the exterior.


Quote from the press release about the video:

Genesis presented various concepts for the future vehicles within the video including Stage Doors, which open the front and rear doors in the opposite direction without a B-pillar. Rotating Swivel Seats and mood lighting create a sense of comfort surrounding the driver, while climate control is taken care of by the new heating system inspired by the Korean “Ondol” heating. They also presented an improved high-fidelity sound system that makes drivers and passengers feel like they’re sitting on stage with the orchestra.

This is the start of the all new global branding campaign "Designed for Your Mind!"

Genesis Media Center

The campaign aims to communicate the full range of experiences that Genesis puts into its vehicle designs, services and more while evoking a variety of emotions using epic visuals and sounds from nature.




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It will be interesting as they get close to launch what the actual performance with HP and Torque numbers are on this CUV and will it be AWD only or also RWD or FWD? 🤔

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1 hour ago, balthazar said:

Please tell me this cheap-looking thing is starting in the low $30s.

Good question they have not talked prices at all but are looking at a full range of luxury price points and this being a Compact, I could see starting where you state.

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10 hours ago, balthazar said:

Where would that leave Hyundai & Kia???

No; this'll be $45K. A shame, 'cause it's hideous.... but that wouldn't be as bad if it was sub-median in price.

I understand what you are saying as Hyundai and Kia have always been the Value with long warranty companies.

Since Genesis has stated that they have benchmarked Mercedes, my thought is that they would continue to follow Mercedes with a wide range of so called luxury models across the whole price point.

Will be interesting to see as we get closer to launch and they release more details. You are probably right it will be in the $40K's range but then we could be surprised.

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Certainly nothing unusual about price overlap between higher trims of models of lower brands with lower trims/models of higher brands...

For example, the lowest priced Cadillacs certainly have some price overlap w/ Chevy, GMC and Buicks, so nothing new.

So no surprise if some Genesis models overlap Hyundai or Kia models in price.

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8 minutes ago, balthazar said:

Not talking about model price ranges overlapping, but starting price. A genesis can’t put the same vehicle class on the same platform, with the same electric motor, and start it at the same price as the hyundai variant.

So far, Genesis models have been on their own platforms (RWD/AWD), unreleated to Hyundai (FWD/AWD).

Who knows how they will do it with the BEVs...

I could see a Genesis BEV maybe starting $10k more than the Hyundai variant.

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