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  1. kestas57

    Porsche News: Porsche Announces Cayman GT4

    Nice machine. I would still rather buy a 911 though.
  2. kestas57

    Would you buy a Chinese car?

    No way. I stick with European here in Europe. In the future I can see more production shifting over there.
  3. Well at least one thing is for certain. They will sell an absolute load of them in Europe because every Golf is bought and loved here. They are also quite reliable since they're not made in Mexico. I want to drive the GTI at some point.
  4. I don't think it looks to bad to be fair but the engines are somewhat underpowered. I don't think I would buy a camry over one just because there are some many of them.
  5. Well it certainly is a bit of a pain for owners. Could they just not design it correctly in the first place?
  6. kestas57

    Ford News: Revealed: 2016 Ford Focus RS

    It's great to hear that it's got AWD and is not powering its front wheels with that much HP. I will have to agree that it's not what one could call attractive.
  7. A bit of a shame really. At least they still sell the GTR. That's the only Nissan I would buy.
  8. kestas57

    Fiat News: Fiat Announces Pricing For 2016 500X Crossover

    Doesn't look as bad as the fiat 500L thing but I have to say that it isn't exactly beautiful.
  9. I don't see the point of this car. One can just buy the Audi A8 if they want a German limo from the VAG.
  10. kestas57

    Ford News: Ford Announces February 3rd As the Date for Focus RS

    So much horsepower from that thing. It's going to be interesting to see the progression that hot hatches are going to have soon when it comes to horsepower.
  11. kestas57

    She Has Arrived

    The only thing similar we have in the UK is the Vauxhall insignia but as far as I'm aware we don't have a high performance version and it looks a little different.
  12. I have to say that modern cadillacs are quite nice machines. As with some other American cars, it is a shame that they aren't more popular here in Europe. Would love to see some more here on the roads of the UK.
  13. Still, I love the sound a six. Also, it is much smoother than any four pot I've ever been in. Despite this, with all the emissions rubbish going on I can't blame them for doing this.
  14. kestas57

    She Has Arrived

    Nice car. Shame we don't get them here in Europe.
  15. kestas57

    Ford News: Ford Releases Fuel Economy Numbers on 2015 F-150

    Why are these huge trucks so popular in the US? Here in Europe, vans are the preferred method of transporting a lot of stuff about. Although I guess I can see the appeal of a huge truck.

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