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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Volkswagen Previews An Electric Concept For CES

      An Electric Concept (Some Believe A New Microbus) Will Debut At CES

    The Consumer Electronics Show in January is looking to be an interesting one for cars. GM will introduce the production version of the Chevrolet Bolt and CEO Mary Barra will do the official keynote. Volkswagen will also be showing a few things at CES, including a new concept car.


    Volkswagen says the concept "marks the beginning of a new era of affordable long-distance electromobility." A teaser shot of the concept shows an illuminated grille and narrow headlights. Some believe the concept is actually a new Microbus with an EV powerplant.


    Volkswagen will also reveal some new developments on the infotainment system front.


    Source: Volkswagen



    Press Release is on Page 2


    Volkswagen at the CES 2016: The Focus is on Networking and Long-Distance Electromobility

    • The starting shot for the Volkswagen brand's future initiative
    • Dr Herbert Diess presents the keynote speech on the eve of the world's largest consumer technology trade show for digital trends and electronics development

    Wolfsburg, 11 December 2015 – In 2016 Volkswagen is once again represented at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, which takes place from 6 - 9 January in Las Vegas/USA. Dr Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, will be the keynote speaker on the evening before the show opens its doors. The main focus of his speech will be on the latest developments in electromobility, as well as the next generation of connectivity.


    Volkswagen will present a completely new concept car at the CES, to illustrate the major changes that the car is set to go through in the next few years. First and foremost the world premiere marks the beginning of a new era of affordable long-distance electromobility. Over and above this, innovative features will demonstrate the benefits to the customer that Volkswagen will be able to deliver in the near future thanks to the increasing interconnectedness of the motor car. As well as that, new display and operating concepts will also be making their debut in Las Vegas. For instance, Volkswagen will give quite a clear glimpse of the latest developments in in-car infotainment that are on the verge of being launched onto the market. This will see innovations such as the Golf R Touch concept car finding their way into Volkswagen's broad product portfolio.


    The CES has long been considered a reliable barometer of the key trends in digitalisation and consumer electronics. The latest products and services are presented to more than 150,000 trade visitors every January.

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    The front end just kind struck me as a carbon-copy.


    But yeah, family hauler, 5 seats and a slab-sided exterior. Good grief it'll be ugly as sin if it's basically a miniature Nissan Quest with Ford Edge front grille...

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    Maybe. But I think it'll have a dedicated platform if it's truly an all-electric people-mover.

    (Sure feels nice to see a Ford product without prepping for World War III)

    HA! I love it!


    When I first read that quote...I was like...WTF is he talking about? OK...Ford Edge...but what does that have to do with a military vehicle?

    Is he maing a connection to Herr Hitler...why would he...that is MY thang, not his???!!!


    That reminds me, we haven't seen Wings or his best bud in a while.


    Then I read this quote and I was like...




    This EL K fella he is one wise and funny fella...

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    Well I hope it comes in a TDi version for practical people.

    Nope, I expect them to drop TDi versions and go hybrid. It is amazing how many people the VW scandal has turned off of diesels.

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    Well I hope it comes in a TDi version for practical people.

    Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure VW is done with diesels for a while.


    Is this what you call having KaBonged him? :P:roflmao:

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