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  • William Maley
    William Maley

    Geneva 2018: Lexus' UX is Quite Bold

      Bold and Polarizing

    A week out before the start of the Geneva Motor show, Lexus has decided to pull the curtain back on their showing, the new UX crossover.

    The UX will sit underneath the NX in the Lexus family, becoming the new entry-level model. The UX's exterior might be Lexus' most polarizing design to date. Up front sits a massive spindle grille, raked front headlights, and deep cuts into the bumper. The side profile shows off squared-off wheel wells and sculpting along the side. Lexus dropped a short video which gives us a sneak peek into the UX's interior, looking somewhat similar to the LC with a wide infotainment screen and a small row of buttons for the climate control.

    We'll have more details on the UX when it debuts on March 6th.

    Source: Leuxs
    Press Release is on Page 2

    Revealed: First Official Image and Video of the UX, the First Urban Crossover from Lexus

    February 27, 2018: The eagerly anticipated Lexus UX urban compact crossover has broken cover with the release of the first official image and video clip ahead of its world debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show on March 6th.

    These first visuals reveal the UX’s bold and stylish design that blends expressive bodywork with a compact size. Its crossover credentials are signaled by its muscular haunches and high beltline, yet underneath the skin there’s an all-new platform that gives the UX exceptional body rigidity and a low center of gravity for exceptional handling. 

    The look inside the cabin combines a highly focused driver’s cockpit with a wide and inviting passenger space. With its brave design and intuitive technology features, the UX will serve as a gateway model for Lexus in a dynamic and growing part of the market.

    The Lexus Press Conference will be hosted by the new Head of Lexus Europe, Pascal Ruch, and will take place on March 6th at 10AM on the Lexus stand at the Palexpo in Geneva.

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    WTF :o Still using the ugly predator design, I see less and less Lexus on the roads, people hate the style.

    Watched the video multiple times stopping it to check out the dash, WTF is the two round poles sticking out of the top of the dash above the steering wheel? Whole dash looks like a plastic mess. Honestly, not sure what the hell the designers are going for but this is their worst design yet of a dash.

    Tag line of "Experience Amazing" :nono: Some idiot needs to lay off the BC Bud! Idiots have no freakin clue what Amazing is based on seeing this hideous auto.

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    I actually don't think it looks that bad. It looks more like a lifted hatchback and less like a bubble. Not by a whole lot, but by a little. 

    2 hours ago, dfelt said:

    WTF is the two round poles sticking out of the top of the dash above the steering wheel?

    It's difficult to see w/o zooming in more but it looks like they're or traction settings and drive modes. 



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    @ccap41 Thanks for the pictures, first time I have seen this and now more than not I hate that look. It does not flow with the dash but looks like a cut up mess of controles that a kid built just sticking stuff here, there, everywhere.

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    5 minutes ago, dfelt said:

    @ccap41 Thanks for the pictures, first time I have seen this and now more than not I hate that look. It does not flow with the dash but looks like a cut up mess of controles that a kid built just sticking stuff here, there, everywhere.

    I don't mind them. They so look a little awkward but they don't look any more awkward than the two stalks already sticking out for the blinkers and wipers. Plus, if they didn't then people would likely complain about cluttered buttons being elsewhere or having to use the infotainment screen to figure out how to change those settings. I don't think the look is perfect but I think having them located there is pretty nice. 

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